How do I get my Chihuahua to stop shedding so much?

Loola: shedding??
How do I get my Chihuahua to stop shedding so much? We bought this special bush for his hair, and we brush him every other day, like we are supposed to, but he sheds really bad. Is there some special conditioner or food we can get?
He goes to the groomers on a strict schedule, and he DOES NOT eat table scraps, that is one thing I will not allow. He eats science diet dog food. He is spoiled, the groomer told me that he is just shedding his winter hair.
We buy bottled water for him to drink also.
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Answer by furisded
There are supplements. But shedding is a sign of poor nutrition that means no more table scraps. about 70% of what we eat is bad for dogs. Also, try grooming him every month or so.

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  1. Jocelyn7777 says

    Shedding is usually caused by diet (I'm talking about more than normal for blowing coat during the 2 times a year you see it for weather.) You say you are feeding Science Diet… that is probably it. Science Diet is not a good food. Dogs are carnivores, so they need MEAT, MEAT, and more MEAT. You need to find a food that has meat for the first 3 ingredients. Then I'd cut out the grains. Find a dog food that is grain free.

    Both the above brands are grain free… Or you can google: dog + food + grain free

    You should probably add some Omega 3's by using some Salmon Oil or Salmon Oil Capsules. I use Kronch Salmon Oil, and it seems to help enormously. Just make sure you store it in a cool place- I keep it in the refrigerator.

    If you decide to feed your dog the best nutrition he can get- that would be a raw diet. Unfortunately, since most raw meat (when in animal form) is feed via grain and not grass- you will still need to supplement with the Omega 3's.

    Good luck.

  2. makelly1979 says

    the bottled water is a bit much dear…. they lick their own a s s … i don't think they will mind drinking tap water. is just the breed….. you don't want a dog that sheds… buy a poodle, they are better dogs anyway

  3. LG says

    You can't. Shedding is a dog's natural way of removing old hair from its body, especially when getting a summer or winter coat. Bear with it, and brush him every day. Need to get the undercoat, which is the fluffier hair, out, and brushing is great to help speedy up the removal. Cutie!

  4. lillian_ivy says

    My pupps are also shedding. I have a short haired jack russel terrier and she sheds more than my german shepherd. My pupps don't eat table scraps either. They are shedding winter coats for summer weather.

  5. rottonweiler says

    oh yes my rotty sheds something horrible i give her nutricoat from tractor supply. also i used to give her nutro brand food, it is packed with omega and lanolic acid, which makes their coats shine like new penny.

  6. doxielover says

    Dogs shed for the summer. They get rid of a lot of their undercoat to cut down on heat. ( make sense since we wear less clothes too). my doxie is shedding like crazy also. I would say just keep brushing him and it will get better.

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