How do I find out how old my chihuahua is?

Felicia: How do I find out how old my chihuahua is? What is his breed?
You see we got the male chihuahua a couple of days ago. I can’t seem to find out his age. He is very independent and seems to be old but I’m not so sure. Please help me figure out his age and his breed.
also thier is different types of chihuahuas and he looks different because as you know not all chihuahuas look alike. oh I got him as a present I didn’t buy him and couldn’t turn him away so I kept him.

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Answer by El
‘Chihuahua’ is his breed.

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  1. xx20x13xx says

    you need to go to the vet to get shots and a check up soon. when your there ask him about these questions the vet will know and not only should the vet tell you the vet should show you how he found this information.

    good luck

  2. aout says

    Chihuahua is a breed. So there's no need to figure that out.

    As for his age, take him to the vet and they will be able to give you an approximate age.

  3. Morgan says

    A chihuahua is a breed, and you can check his teeth. The more dirty they are, thats most likely the older he is

  4. 2thedogs says

    Normally determining a dog's age is done by looking at his teeth. I am assuming you are planning on taking him to the vet since you just got him to make sure he is healthy and have his vaccines and have him neutered so your Vet should be able to look at his teeth, coat, and body and give you an estimate.
    However once dogs are older it's hard to tell exactly how old they are. Whatever your vet tells you could be off by a couple of years.

  5. chihuahua mama says

    If he is a chihuahua, he is only a long haired(long coat) chihuahua or a short haired(short coat) one. That is the only types of chihuahuas there are. The vet can help you with his age.

  6. Kayleigh B says

    I wouldn't have bought a dog not knowing his age and breed. You need to do research first. Your best bet is taking him to a vet. Vet's can usually age an animal by looking at the wear on it's teeth. Vet's also know dog breeds. Do your research…THEN buy a dog.

  7. Sum says

    his breed is…. wait for it….

    wait for it….

    …CHIHUAHUA… lol

    for the age, usually vets can estimate age for you…
    you're funny…

  8. Behaviorist says

    Your vet can check his teeth and give you a ball park figure on how old he is, but no one can tell you exactly.

    If he's a chihuahua you already know his breed, right?

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