How can I stop my puppy from peeing in her crate?

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Angel: How do I stop my puppy from peeing in her crate?
I have had my puppy for about one week. The first 3-4 nights she had peed and pooped in her crate. I thought that they don’t pee or poop in their “safe place”. I am feeding her two times a day at specific times, 10 minutes at a time. She seems to be healthy. I don’t feed her 6 hours before we go to sleep. I have changed her bedding at least once a day, and sometimes twice and it is wet with urine.

She has not pooped in her crate for a few days. She just keeps peeing. I take her out to go potty shortly after she eats and when she wakes up, and before I go to bed. What am I doing wrong?
Its the smallest crate I could find and she will fit it when she is grown.
She is a Palmerainian Chihuahua

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Answer by sbraley82
Her crate may be too big. It needs to be just big enough for her to turn around in . If it is too big she can urinate in one spot and sleep in another. Good luck. don’t forget to praise her when she goes outside

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  1. rreddr1 says

    Take all bedding out & toys if there are any.
    Take her out every 40 min to pee till she understands that she shouldn't potty in her cage….

  2. hazeleyedbeauty1967 says

    It's called patience. The puppy will learn soon enough that is where she sleeps. You will keep changing bedding until she realizes this is her "den" and is not to go in it. Do not leave food or water in the crate with her. What I did with my dog is lay a bunch of layers of paper(most people will disagree with the paper, but either way, it works) in the crate and use old towels for her to lay on. ( I gave her a bone so she had something to chew and left a radio on.) I figured if she is going to make on something, it would be better if it were the paper than the towel. Easier to clean after working all day. I had to bathe her a couple of times and change everything, and one day, she got the hint. Make sure you make no changes in her schedule. Out first thing in the morning, feed her, then out again, crate, then when you get home, take her out, feed , then out again, and then out before you go to bed. It could take a few weeks. So just have patience, lots of paper and a bunch of old towels. Good luck.

  3. sadiejane says

    an 8 wk old puppy needs to go out at least every hour & at least twice during the night.

    an 8 wk old puppy needs to be fed 4 times a day with a late nite snack to prevent her glucose levels from dropping, especially during the nite.

    not feeding her for 6 hours & then if she goes 8 hours during the nite could kill her.

    no they won't pee or poop where they sleep – when they are much older. you can't expect much in the way of "training" until at least 5 months.

  4. Shar Pei Lady says

    First of all,no bedding in her crate.That means NO blankies,no bed,no toys,no nothing.Just the dog in the crate.Secondly,it has to be a small enough area where she can't pee on one side and go sit on the other side of the cage.Block it off with a box or something to make it smaller inside.No blankies to soak up what she does pee.The no water for 6 hours before bed seems a litle extreme.maybe a couple hours before bedtime,and make sure she goes out one last time each night.Good luck.

  5. hunebune1981 says

    An animal will not pee where she eats..Try putting her food in there with her. Puppies pee constantly when there little, the older they get the less they will have to go..I'm curious what kind of dog is it??? let me know if its ok Good Luck

  6. little_boones says

    Make sure the crate you are using isn't too big. It should be just big enough for her to stand up and turn around. This way she can't poop/pee on one side and then sleep in the opposite corner. Good luck!

  7. Susan says

    Sounds like you may not be taking her out to potty enough. A puppy generally can only "hold it" for as many hours as she is months old. So an eight week puppy can only be expected to hold her urine for about 2 hours.

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