How can I stop my male poodle from peeing on the floor?

SusanB: How can I stop my male poodle from peeing on the floor & furniture?
I have grown up with poodles. About two years ago, we adopted a new male poodle after ours passed away from cancer. He is a sweet baby, but we are still having a problem with him peeing on everything. At first we thought, he was marking his territory, but he’s the only animal in the house & has been since we got him. He has enough allergies & asthma (breathing problems) that the vet is afraid he will die if he is given anesthesia to be neutered, so I am looking for other ideas.
I have had 2 different vets say they don’t feel comfortable performing the neuter surgery on him.

Also, we take him out after he eats & he goes to the bathroom, but at random times, we’ll notice he’s left the room & then we find it in another room. (He also does it while we’re asleep at night, even though he gets to go out to the yard just before bed & first thing in the morning.)

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Answer by corkykayorcas
wow, well the reason why he is peeing is because he is not nuetered.

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  1. Bekah says

    well even if he is the only pet he will still want to mark his territory… and since he is adult now and all…it will be difficult to break even if you "fixed" him!!! i suggest you keep him on a leash all the time …and any time you see him about to "mark" tug the leash and tell him firmly NO! and then take him right outside even if he dose not pee every time you are showing him that peeing inside is not allowed at all and it is to be done outside…also a doggie door can help too (so when you seem to have it more under control and feel you can let him off leash) he has access to the outside anytime…it is tuff to correct b/c it is a natural male thing!! most dogs that are fixed as young as possible do it less or not at all;)

  2. lindsy1 says

    I think that maybe he is just marking his territory because he can still smell your other dog. You should wash everything in your house. Even wash down that walls at his height because your other dog could have rubbed on them. Maybe even buy your dog his own new toys. Throw out any other toys that belonged to other dogs. If this doesn't work maybe you should try rubbing his face in his uran because he may finally learn that it is not okay to do that. Well good luck!

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