How can I get my Dachshund to stop peeing when he gets excited?

JohnDoe: How do I get my Dachshund to stop peeing when he gets excited?
Okay, so my Dachshund is approaching two years of age. Ever since he was born, he will pee when people touch him or pet him for the first time.

He will still pee even when he first sees me, every day. Is there something I can do to train him not to pee when he meets someone new or gets excited? It’s really getting annoying.

I crated him and he is fully housebroken, he knows to go outside, so I don’t think that is an issue.

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Answer by laciebrooke
neuter him…this might solve it.

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  1. Charlie says

    This is not a housebreaking issue!! Pls. don't scold him! Your dog is a submissive pee'er. It is his way of showing you that he is submissing to you & recognizes you as the alpha!!

    When you come home – let him out of his crate – but totally ignore him for about 5-6 minutes! Don't speak to him or make eye contact – go about your business. Once he is settled down from the excitement of having you home – quietly say, "hello" – and then take him outside for potty. By getting all excited when you come home or when someone comes to the house – you are "upping the anty" – so to speak! He is trying to show you – in dog's terms – that you are the leader of the pack.

    This is not a "marking" or "housebreaking issue" – your dog is trying to please ! Neutering him will help with marking – if he lifts his leg to mark.

    But if he is squatting to pee upon seeing you or gets excited – keep the excitement down. My female was a submissive pee'er! After a couple of weeks of quietly greeting her, she stopped.

  2. Danielle says

    the only thing that helped with our wiener dog was to just open the door and call her as we stand outside. (pain when its cold or rainy) we pet her out on the porch or in the yard. we dont touch her until she calms down. put some kind of old mat or towel down by the door you come in. our dog is four now however and has outgrown this for the most part.

  3. Full Pawtential Dog says

    Well first of all you should avoid any greetings with your dog until he is calm (and has been outside to empty his bladder). Ignore him (no eye contact, no touch, no verbal anything) until you let him out and then say hello outside. When and if he does pee, you cannot yell at him. You have to ignore it and then walk away from him so he can calm down.

    As for guests that come over, you need to inform them that you are teaching him not to pee and to ignore him until he is calm and maybe try it outside. If he pees, walk away.

    Over and over again, every day. After a few weeks you should be able to tell if it is helping.

  4. steve a says

    my puppy does the same thing i herd they can grow out of it but some times they dont. or they can do it for years and then jsut stop. i herd notto greet them exictingly but id o that with my dog and she stil pees lol so go figure

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