Doxie with bad diarrhea and stomach bruising???

GraceSparkles: Doxie with bad diarrhea and what looks like stomach bruising???
Does anyone no what this might be? We left our house for about an hour and crated our new puppy (13 weeks old). W came home and he had pooped all in the crate and it smelled awful. I bathed him and his stomach and around his penis looks bruised. I have never noticed it before. We have had him since Wednesday.

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Answer by mommyta2boys
No one on here can tell you anything except that pup needs a vet. It sounds like something internal which means only a vet can tell you.

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  1. Mia R says

    Bruises are a form of internal bleeding. He could have fell and bumped himself or it could be something very serious. There are several causes of bad diarrhea, ranging from simply changing food to fatal diseases.

    It is difficult to describe how poop smells. That one person would call terrible, another would say is typical. Some diseases have a characteristic smell. Hate to use the P word, but parvo has a distictive smell and it's pretty bad, in my opinion.

    I would get him to a vet tomorrow, not the next day, tomorrow. In the mean time, clean everything in bleach water, soak for 10 minutes, rinse well and dry out. Keep him away from other animals. Personally, I wouldn't even touch another animal untill I showered and changed clothes. Better to be too cautious than not enough.

  2. suzy49 says

    I've not seen the kind of 'bruising' you mention, but if he had bad diarrhea which smelled awful he could be getting sick. Is he up to date on all his shots? If not, it's possible he has caught one of the contagious dog illnesses that puppies are prone to.

    If he continues to have diarrhea, vomits or seems tired and unwell in any way, I would recommend that you take him to your veterinarian right away. You can check out this url for information on recognizing and treating the most common dog illnesses….

    If he's new to being crated, and doesn't seem unwell in any other way, it may just have been that being in the crate and having you all leave him stressed him out too badly, and he couldn't help himself.

    Separation anxiety is fairly common in dogs and puppies and it may be that he got so anxious he was out of control. You can read about separation anxiety issues here -dog.html

    I would call your veterinarian and tell him about the bruising you're seeing, he may be able to tell you what's going on there, or at least make an appointment to take a look at him.

    Best of luck, hope he's doing better soon.

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