Dogs allergies shampoo?

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dkdimick: dogs and allergies and what shampoo?
i am allergic to dogs is their any shampoo i should be using on her shes a pitbull to help my allergies and should i brush her and how often and what can i use to make her smell better

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Answer by KD
you can take shots to help your allergies but no shampoo exists to help your allergies to her. don’t shampoo your dog more than once every two weeks or it drys your dogs skin out too much and creates more dander on your dog. makes you more allergic. talk to your regular doctor.

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  1. carbonxxkidd says

    My mom is allergic to dogs and had collies for years. All she did was vacuum at least once a day [basically, keep the house clean and get rid of as much hair and dander as possible) and brush her dog quite a bit. Her doctor told her to get rid of her dog but she couldn't do that, so she made it work. She also took allergy medication (benedryl, claritin), which also helped a lot. Buy an air filter too, which can clear the air of a lot of pet dander.

  2. Jessica T says

    Check out the shampoos link I posted below, and then get to your local pet store and look for them. Hopefully you will find some relief from your dog so you both can be happy. Also it doesn't matter how often you bathe your dog. Every dog should be groomed every six to eight weeks depending on its coat. (and this is coming from a experienced pet groomer…me) Unless at vet says so, then bathe until your hearts content! :D Look at show dogs for instance… They are bathed quite frequently at once a week or more, and their coats look great! Breed types do vary, and if the get really stinky or dirty use a puppy shampoo. Its mild, gentle, and tearless. Its great for emergencies! Its what I take to the dog park wit me, so I can quickly rinse my dogs off. The key is to rinse, rinse, rinse all the shampoo out. Just when you think its all out, rinse again. Put your hose, shower nozzle, or whatever you use right up the the dogs skin and look for the water to turn from soapy white to clear. And you might want to follow up with a conditioner. Its not just for long coated dogs, and it will make your dogs coat really soft and shiny. This also seems to help with dogs who have dry, flaky or itchy skin as well. I hope your Pit bull's coat gets better. Good Luck! :)

  3. Jason Homan says

    Allergic reactions occur when the immune system overreacts or responds inappropriately to an otherwise innocuous substance. Often there is no sign of allergy the first time an animal is exposed, but after that first exposure, the immune system builds up a reserve of antibodies to react to that particular allergen. The next time the animal encounters the same allergen, the immune system reacts strongly.Please look article:

    If your dogs suffer from dry skin. A simple solution is rinsing your dog with a bit of chamomile tea. Just boil up the kettle, make the tea, allow it to cool down (Very important!) and pour it over your dog. This will sooth your pup’s dry skin without leaving any oily residue that other dry skin treatments can leave. If your dog has severe dry skin, rub some olive oil into the affected area and then towel him off with a paper towel.

    You can make an excellent doggie shampoo from things that you probably already have around the house. A mixture of Aloe Vera gel and water work well. It is very mild on dog’s skin and leaves their coat quite shiny. Slightly dilute a handful of Aloe Vera gel with water and work the mixture into your dog’s coat (it is best to apply this to a dry coat). Rinse with warm water. If you prefer to have a foaming shampoo, add a touch of baby shampoo to the mixture and use accordingly.

    You may use dog natural shampoo blend for dogs, is excellent for producing healthy, shiny coats.

    Jason Homan

  4. arniesmum says

    use baby shampoo on mine and two are brushed every day [goldie and collie and jack russell is brushed once a week

  5. eva diane says

    This is a hard situation because bathing your dog too much will dry out their skin. I would use an oatmeal shampoo for your pet and this will help keep the skin healthy if you have to wash her more often due to your allergy. You also can talk to a allergy doctor about getting allergy shots. They will make the injection special for you to help protect you with your allergy to dogs.

  6. Tiffany says

    Not sure about the allergies, but dogs should not be bathed often (it drys out their skin). When you do bath her, make sure to get every part of her dry to help stop skin irritation. Don't just use any shampoo! Even some of the "vet approved" stuff on the market can cause allergic reactions for the dog. Contact your local vet, or use baby shampoo. As for smelling better, just watch she isn't rolling in the mud outside or getting into other trouble. Putting on perfumes, etc. will seriously harm your dog (especially when they lick it off!). I hope someone else can help you with your allergies. As for brushing her, you can do that as often as you please. Just be sure to clean up all the hair so it does not aggrevate your allergies–maybe brush her outside!

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