Can you mix a Whippet and an Italian Greyhound dogs?

James John: Can you mix a Whippet and an Italian Greyhound?
Can you make a hybrid dog of a Whippet and Italian Greyhound?

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Answer by Mama Tex
Can you, of course. Should you is a whole other question.

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  1. Lelee says

    They can certainly be bred but the pounds are full and if you look you will find a dog ready to go that will suit your personality. If you do not find that combination cross breed you might find a pure bred of one or the other.

  2. LINDA MILLER says

    mating the two would not give you a hybrid since they are both dogs. Mating them would result in a mutt. Hybrids are the mating of two different species.

  3. G'hound says

    No you can't make a hybrid beccause dogs are all the same species.
    You can make a mixed breed mutt but it isn't wise when the size between breeds is substantial. You don't want whelping problems or all the bad traits coming out.

  4. Pamela D. says

    You will not create a hybrid, because they are both of same species. They are both canines
    And can you breed them, yes you can. Should you, NO you creates mutts.

  5. False Impression says

    Yes, you can make a mutt.
    If you want one, go to the shelter.

    Add: you'll be an irresponsible BYB that knows nothing about breeding, if you do decide to breed the dogs. You do NOT want to be a BYB, especially a inexperienced one!

  6. Future Akita Breeder says

    Sure, if you want to add to the serious overpopulation problem.
    If you want a mutt, go to the local shelter.

  7. My Dogs are Obligate says

    Any two breeds can be mixed (it's not calleda 'hybrid' by the way).

    But… why? What would be the utility of such a mix? You would just whimpify the whippet, and you wouldn't improve the IG that much.

  8. ღWolf At Heartღ says

    No, you cannot make a hybrid since they are the same type of animal (a hybrid is like a wolf x dog, not the same species)But you CAN make a mutt or a mix of the two, but you still shouldn't make more pet quality puppies.

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