Can a full moon affect my dogs behavior?

Mr. Awesome: Does a full moon affect my dogs behavior?
We came home today and my dog was gone for 4 or 5 hours…. She never usually even tries to leave the property, and we found her pretty far away. Could the fact that it is a perfect full moon affect her behavior?
Just wondering, thanks.
“FIZZBITCH” why do you got to be like that?

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Answer by Krista
i think i heard that it does

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  1. Kaitie H says

    No, I believe this is just a myth. I have four dogs and have been raised around dogs my entire life. I've never seen them act any differently when there is a full moon. I believe the myth originated from the other myth that people who get bit by a wolf turn into werewolves on the full moon.
    However, your dogs behavior could be based on other factors. For example, if your dog is younger, she may just be curious. If she isn't fixed (even if she's not quite ready to go into heat) she may be exploring for a future mate or may just be restless. We had that happen with one of our dogs before who was previously content within our yard. Who knows? sometimes dogs just get curious/adventurous. My current dog, a border collie mix, used to stay around all of the time and never tried to leave. However, one day (when she was slightly older and well after she was fixed), she randomly started going on exploring trips. Now we keep her inside or under close watch in order to keep her home.

    I'm not sure if this is the case for your dog or not, but I'm nearly positive the full moon has nothing to do with it. Hopefully this helped some. =D

  2. Bree says

    I'm not sure, probably not…maybe your dog spotted an animal and ran off after it and got sort of lost on the way home, because dogs don't have built-in GPS systems like cats do. But apparently full moons do affect people. I always think kids behave worse on full moons and once when I played netball on a full moon, this girl bit me. But I don't know :/

  3. FIZZBITCH says


    If you think this is true, why do you even have a dog? Obviously it's not true, unless you also believe in vampires and fairies then you must be a bit mentally impaired.

    No a dog can't be affected by a full moon. Is your dog desexed? If she isn't then maybe she is running away to a male dog to mate.

    hopefully this will help.

  4. Jayse Ö Think b says

    No, but if she is not spayed and is coming into heat that will affect her and she will have an oopsie pregnancy.
    Advise getting her spayed right away and putting up a dog proof fence and gate to prevent her getting out again.

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