Best Cars for large dogs?

CC Lover: Best Cars/SUV’s for large dogs?
I am planning to start showing my dogs in the near future. They are Italian Mastiffs and they get rather large. My Cobalt is great for gas mileage but not for my dogs, son and husband. Hoping to trade in his truck for something that has room for the family. And for me to transport my dogs and supplies.. Any ideas?

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Answer by KC
Big truck. That can fit a 4 people family in, with a BIG back and shell to fit all the dogs/cages/supplies etc.

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  1. I ♥ my GSD says

    KC has the right idea. A large 4 door truck will fit you your husband and your son, while leaving a little room in the back for supplies. Then you can just throw your dogs in the back and not worry about a mess. No carpet or upholstry means you can just hose it right out, and they are seperated from you.

    An older SUV would be recomended, as well. Newer ones are more aimed for comfort, which means nicer but a lot of times smaller, as well. My friend has a 2000 Toyota 4runner that I LOVE. We can throw down the backseat, and my large german shepherd and her two huge labs fit perfectly back there.

    A mini van may also be an option for you to look at. Italian mastiffs are huge, and I hate to say that I don’t think any car will work. My ford focus has a pretty big interior, and my full grown shepherd and shepherd pup are still cramped in the back

  2. ABC123 says

    I dont show, but have been around many mastiff owners that do. They either have a yukon with the back seat taken out, or most of them have buses.

  3. greyhound guy says

    i drag the greyhounds in a minivan, they are more versatile than suvs because of multiple seat configurations and you can take seats out instead of just flipping them up. also lower floor and larger door opening make life easier on the dogs getting in and out. better mileage than suvs too.

  4. stacythetrainer says

    I have four dogs and I’m a dog trainer. I have a Great Dane, Lab, Border Collie and JRT. So I haul many of my dogs around a lot. I have a Honda Element. It’s not a big car but the benefits are:
    – good gas mileage
    – no carpet!
    – back seats completely removeable for more room

    I use clorox wipes to clean up messes. The no carpet is a huge plus, huge! Also with the two back seats out my dogs can fit in there all four comfortably. I lay a padded sleeping back out for them to lie on during road trips and they all sleep the whole time.

    Hope that’s helpful.

  5. Me says

    Sorry to break it to you but dogs can't drive whether they are large or small, so their is no car or suv for dogs.
    Dogs don't drive.

  6. Shannon B says

    I have a Blazer but after taking my dogs swimming I would prefer to have a truck with a canopy! Wet dog!!

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