At what age do male puppies start to show mating behavior?

James T: What is the normal age that male puppies start to show mating behavior?
My puppy started showing mating behavior(I can’t be more specific because Yahoo won’t let me) at the age of three months. At first I thought I was just mistaken, but now he’s four months old and he is even more explicit. Is this normal for such a young dog?

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Answer by larrythecableguy rocks
Yeah. He will get it on with everything. Just wait until seven mos when he makes doggie juice.

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  1. ghetto_queen27 says

    Well, I just had 2 litters of puppies back to back and thats about when they started showing that stuff. Sometimes, if it's towards just other dogs of the same sex it can be because they are showing who is dominant. But, if his lil wee-wee is comin' all the way out, just be perpared to either start breeding him when you can his see testicles drop, or get him fixed early on.

  2. Anna P says

    It can be possible for male puppies, as well as other animals, to show this behavior so early. Although it is unusual, it is possible. The general recommendation (with safety in mind due to anesthetics) for neutering male dogs is 6 mos. of age. I would speak to your veterinarian about the possibility of neutering at an earlier age to prevent any more sexual maturation to avoid possible bad behaviors occurring and remaining permanently, such as aggression and inappropriate urination.

    Good luck!

  3. Shelty K says

    3 months is about average they start to get frisky at you leg or at other objects like pillows and table legs etc. All practice for the big day! Be aware of little kids being saught out too. My male dog often tries to mount one particular boy that visits.He is somewhat smaller than the dog

  4. shar71vette says

    its normal. call the vet and make the appt. to have him neutered- its the kind, responsible thing to do.

  5. nirfreak03 says

    i've found that puppies can start this behavior sometimes as early as 4 months. that's also why some vets spay/neuter at this young age- to help eliminate this problem now before it gets to be habit. this is what i call their "teenage" stage. they may be able to reproduce, but they certainly aren't ready to.

  6. mom,wife, student em says

    yep mine did also, very young, and to everything, blankets, pillows, ect. just make sure to pick all that up high so he cant reach it….lol, and then he will start on your leg and worse you friends legs…lol
    but they do grow outta it!

  7. tahoenpa says

    Absolutely! They start very young, at least mine have. They are not mature enough to breed at that age but they certainly have the idea correct!

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