Are there dogs who do not like crates?

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Canis: Are there some dogs who do not like crates?
I have successfully crate trained 2 dogs i own but my new dog is simply not taking to it. Is it possible that some dogs simply do not like being crated?
I have had him almost 2 months, I took things very slow with him. He will cower and go into the crate but I feel so bad for him. He gets special toys and treats in there but he will not eat, play or relax in the crate.

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Answer by finals23
yes there are some

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  1. J_Maverick says

    There are some dogs that should never be put in a crate. If you rescued the dog, you may need to consider that something in its background could affect its reaction to crates. If its a new puppy, try starting with only putting the puppy in the crate right after you've worn it out playing and to feed it its meals and work up from there. If it just doesn't take, choose a spot in your house and stick a dog bed there and make that the dog's space.

  2. ONE says

    Yes there are some dog who never take to being crated. My dog likes to move around from window ledge to window ledge throughout the day in order to sunbathe. He will enter the crate on command and won't try to escape but just looks so pitifully sad. Needless to say I do not crate him and he is not destructive and does not have accidents. It took a lot of training to get him to stay where I want him to stay and do what I want him to do without a crate. I closed off my utility room with a baby gate in order to house train him and use the "stay" or the "go to bed" command when I need him out of the way. Some dogs do not like cages and do not take to them even with proper training.

  3. debbie g says

    one of my dogs didnt like the crate to begin with and i used to put a blanket over the crate and it always calmed her down…she used to settle down immediately once the blanket was over her crate..
    Now she likes the crate and goes in herself..
    I leave the crate open for both dogs and when they are tired or just want to relax the crate is their safe haven..
    Good luck hope the blanket works for you.

  4. adam b says

    my dog hates his crate, but then.. people come over and if it gets to be too much for him.. bam.. hes in the crate. its his safe place only when he wants it to be. i dont know how you are going about the training, but i feed my pup in there.. that way he associates the crate with being kinda like his "room"..

    good luck, it can be rough sometimes..

  5. seaweedkick says

    I believe you are very experienced with crate training, so there's no need to repeat those steps again. Yes! Some dogs just don't like being crated, but I believe they could always be trained to like the crate. All you need is spending a bit more time than you did with the other two dogs. : -)

  6. Joshua T says

    Yes, There are some dogs who do not like crates, this is not really breed specific though, it usually happens when an animal has previously had a bad experience with crates. Beaten animals that are brought in to the pound are put into crates in the back of animal control trucks. It can go from a traumatizing experience to a scary one for them. Just give it time your pet will get used to it eventually.

  7. yogeshwargarg says

    Every dog has his own liking and disliking. But you have show him that you are the boss and continue in your efforts.

  8. Jofus says

    If the new dog isn't tearing your house apart, than there's no need to crate it.

    But if it's doing harm to your home, then by all means crate it when he has to be left unsupervised.

  9. Anonymous says

    Yeah, some dogs are harder to adjust than other dogs. Just take some time with the dog, and it should get used to it eventually.

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