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There are lots of things you can do together with your dog. It is not only your pet, your playmate, your guard, and everyday companion. It is also a rightful member of your family ready to share all of your activities. Quite often dogs look like owners, both in their appearance and habits. (Photo Credit: buyalex/Flickr)

So what exactly can you do with dog?

First of all, you can live with dog or dogs, spending all of your time in their company. They will be happy to stay by your side when you're reading a book, especially if you read aloud to them.

life_with_dogPhoto Credit: young and with it/Flickr

Then you can definitely take your dog for a nice walk, or maybe your dog will take you along, like this boy's pet.

walk_with_dogPhoto Credit: david.ian.roberts/Flickr

If you have enough physical strength you would not just drag behind your dogs, but try to show them who is faster. What can be more pleasant than to run with dogs through the wood early in the morning?

run_with_dogsPhoto Credit: David of Earth/Flickr

If you are less sporty you can any time trike with dogs.  Even if they are tired of pulling you they would never complain.

trike_with_dogPhoto Credit: jilbean3/Flickr

A good idea is to swim with dog or at least soak your pet a little. For a young lady it is also a great way to attract additional attention!

swim_with_dogPhoto Credit: MissionControl/Flickr

The professional surfers know that nothing can be better than to surf with dog, because it can always show them the right direction and defend them from sharks.

surf_with_dogPhoto Credit: cleverdame107/Flickr

An experienced Maremma Sheepdog will always show you how to handle the hockey stick and the puck. Rah-rah-rah!

hockey_with_dogPhoto Credit: ekpatterson/Flickr

When tired, you can always nap with dog. Just give it a chance to choose the best place for it.

Photo Credit: tommydavis209/Flickr

If the place looks not so comfortable, your dog will surely propose itself as a pillow. You can always sleep on your dog making it happy!

sleep_on_dogPhoto Credit: stirwise/Flickr

And, of course, you can make friends with dogs. What is more important than a true friendship?


Photo Credit: kmakice/Flickr

As you see there are a lot of things that you can do with your dog, and your pet will be just happy with that.
Please tell us what do you do together with your dog!



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