Will my female boxer dog breed with the male when not ovulating?

Amanda J: Will my boxer female breed with the male if she is not ovulating?
Our boxer is in heat. We bred her with a beautiful male boxer this weekend. As far as we know they locked up three times. I noticed before we bred her that she was not bleeding but her genatila was swollen about 3 times its normal size. The male dog stayed for two days and we know for sure they locked up three times. The male boxer left Sunday afternoon and on Monday I noticed that our female was bleeding a little. Does this mean that we need to breed her again before she goes out of heat? My real question is ” Will my female boxer let the male breed her before she was ovulating? I thought that if she wasn’t ready to recieve, she wouldn’t let him do anything. However she was all for it! LOL From what I have understood in the past untill the female is ready to get pregant (usually the second week of heat) she will not let the male breed her. Do I have anything to worry about when it comes to the pregancy not taking?

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Answer by tobylove4
she will because if they are not fixed, naturally in the wild they send out a mating signal weather or not they are ovulating. so because she is not fixed she sent him the signal that she was not.

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