Will a Collie protect after a training course?

Mel: Will a Collie protect if I put it through a training course?
The Collie is the most beautiful dog I've ever seen but I also need a dog for protection. I know a collie will not protect if it's not trained. It'll alert me to danger but it won't do anything about it but if I do get it trained for level 1 or 2 protection she should be fine right?

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Answer by Rosalie
That's what's calling barking up the wrong tree.
If you want a dog to go with your outfit, get a Papillon.
If you want a dog for protection, get a big black Lab mixed with Shepherd from a reputable rescue.

No one's going to be deterred by a Collie, and Collies aren't protection dogs - at all.
They bark - a LOT- which will get you kicked out of any neighborhood where you are living.
They herd, which means they will chase cars and cyclists and children, and get you on the neon Sh*t list at the local Animal Control. What's an attacker going to be scared of - fur? You'd be better protected by an air horn in your purse.

Get a big dark dog that is actually friendly. If you try for something that is light colored, it won't be seen as a threat. For some reason, people think black dogs are more dangerous than white and fawn colored ones.
The LAST thing you want is a dog that will actually lay teeth on anyone - or you will find out how fast lightning travels in the form of a lawsuit form the attacker's dog bite lawyer. It's what they pray for.

Answer by Charles
Several factors......
1. Talk to the trainer about what you want from this dog and ask if the trainer can produce that with your dog. Likely trainer can, but at what price, and I don't mean money.

2. Having a real trained dog for protection is basically asking for trouble. Such a dog must have constant and knowledgeable control by owner; the dog will not just know what to do if you are not his total master and know how to control him. That control does not start when a bad man is knocking on your door but has to happen every hour of every day BY YOU for the life of the dog.

3. An attack dog, which is what you are really asking for, is a ticking time bomb around children, animals, and others. What happens when a guest near by snaps his fingers or makes an innocent gesture toward you... the guest is chewed up or killed way before you can stop your attack dog.

4. Fearful people unfortunately think that a guard dog will take over their own job of personal protection, lock double key locks, alarms, and normal behavior caution.

Talk to the trainer and I hope the trainer talks you out of this goal.

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  1. Voelven says

    No, Collies will generally bark at threats, but they are softies, as they should be.

    You can't just train any dog to be a protection dog - not even all individuals of a protection dog breed will be suited. The dog needs to have the right instinct, the right drive, and the right temperament for this kind of work. Your best bet is to find a reputable breeder of WORKING protection dogs and get signed up for a puppy there.

    That said, these dogs are not for novice owners - and neither is protection dog work.

  2. SurfNBoard says

    Collies are not a breed that have much behind them in the protection department. You can train the dog, but honestly it's not really in their make-up, even if it was it's not going to be able to do much. You can train them to be alert, and warn you to anything that's up. That would probably be you're best bet.

  3. Kayla says

    It's not everything to do with the breed...each individual dog is different.
    Collies are very intelligent, but it's not just about that. The dog has to have to have the DRIVE to do this type of training.

    And Shutzhund is not just going through a training class and you're done...once you have a working dog, there is no "off switch." Shutzhund is a job for dogs with high drives, that need high levels of stimulation.
    I would not recommend going through such a class if you aren't ready to commit your life to it, for the rest of your dog's life.

    If you're looking for a dog to simply jump up when you need it, try this:

    Those are the top 10 naturally protective breeds.
    But beware, many of these dogs are high-energy and might also need a job, depending on where you get them from, and LOTS of discipline and exercise.
    They are NOT breeds to be taken lightly!

    Hope this helps.

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