July 23, 2014

Why should I get an Airedale Terrier dog?

Question by : Why should I Get An Airedale?
I Live On A Farm….And My Daughter Really Wants An Airedale….I Need Some Reasons To Get One….I Really Am In Need Of A Herding Dog….For My Cows….She Says They Don’t Shed And Tolorate Utah’s Heat Well…And Utah’s Cold Winters….Could Some Of You Guys Give A Few More Details On This Breed?

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Answer by st.lady37 (GitEm)
Good for hunting vermin

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  1. juliefizzle says:

    From my experience, Airedales are very smart, easy-to-train dogs. They are very sweet dogs too. The ones that I know are owned as pets though, so I don't know personally how they do herding, but I know that they have been used for herding before. What's nice about them is that they are bigger, sturdier dogs too (as compared with another herding dog, like the corgi). They do shed a bit, but not too terribly much. Their coats are very wiry and I'm pretty sure they need to be groomed every now and then, but overall pretty low-maintenance in that area. Good luck choosing a dog!

  2. 【Dd™】 says:

    If you need a herding dog, don't get an Airedale. They are good for ratting and bigger vermin but they aren't herding dogs. There are tons of herding breeds if you just look here:

  3. well, all the ones i have met have been very intelligent dogs. it seems they also excel in obedience, when properly trained.

    p.s. it's nice to see someone's kid asking for a REAL, good breed of dog-

    too many times here we see "my child wants a yorkiepoo"
    has your daughter done some research which has led her to decide she likes this particular breed?

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