Why is the cane corso considered a dangerous dog breed?

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hek09876543210: Why is the cane corso a dangerous dog breed?

Why do people think that they are a dangerous dog breed. I can say it isnt because of their large size because look at the st. brenard and the bull mastiff they both are nice dogs. but y do people label the cane corso as a mean and dangerous dog?

Cane Corso dog photo

Photo Credit: State Farm/Flickr

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Answer by ♥Pit Bull♥

I’ve never heard that. They’re an excellent breed. Gorgeous, and powerful.

Answer by Shanna

I think nearly any breed that has a strong prey/working drive, Cane Corsos, Pitbulls, Dobies, Rotties, etc., could be labelled as POTENTIALLY dangerous, but only really in the wrong hands. Provided the owner knows what they are doing then any breed is going to be wonderful.
I am the first one to defend these breeds, but I am also the first one to say that not everyone should own them. It takes the right kind of owner to properly handle any dog with a strong working, prey or fighting drive to keep it a good canine citizen. Any dog can be mean, but let’s face it, you don’t hear of too many out of control, aggressive Beagles. There are certain breeds that just about anyone can handle and there are breeds that only experienced people should have and Cane Corsos are ones that should only be owned by experienced handlers.

I do not feel that any dog is inherently dangerous, only made so by improper handling, but some breeds are more dangerous with improper handling than others.

Answer by Kelly C

I’m a little concerned about the thumbs down being given to people who are accurately answering the question. The Cane Corso while not an inherently dangerous dog is an inherently independant, loyal and headstrong dog. These dogs NEED a very firm and dedicated owner to properly handle them. These dogs are the kind of dog that can easily take over the leadership role and become dominance aggressive. So while the Cane corso may not be dangerous in the hands of a capable and responsible owner they could easily become dangerous in the hands of an ignorant or irresponsible person.

The same goes for most large, independant and strong breeds.. these dogs crave strong leadership.. without it they can become difficult and even dangerous dogs simply because nature left unchecked will run it’s course. It’s in a dogs nature to attack and guard against intruders, it’s in a dogs nature to react physically to any threat or percieved challenge. When in the hands of people who know how to deal with that any dog will be fine, it’s when they land in the wrong hands that problems arise.

Now for example look at a Newfoundland dog, this is a dog with a different nature altogether. You could put a Newf in just about anyones hands and they would be hard pressed to screw things up. Because Newfs simply are not the same powerful, independant type of dog.

There are dogs and there are dogs…. I have 3 and I can say with utter confidence that my female would not be able to become a dangerous dog no matter who had raised her, it’s just not her nature, my 2 males on the other hand and in particular my youngest I could tell you that if they had ended up in the wrong hands they could easily become dangerous dogs. Not because they are just “dangerous” but because they have the potential to be if they were not trained as they are. As it stands they are great, gentle and loving dogs… but they are also dominant, independant and headstrong dogs.. I could see them in the wrong hands not turning out nearly as good as they did in my hands.

That is why I stand by the statement “There are no bad dogs only bad owners”.. because most dogs have the potential to be good dogs, in the right hands, just like most dogs have the potential to turn into bad dogs in the wrong hands.

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  1. Jordie0587 *Diesel&# says

    Because they are a strong, strong willed breed. They CAN be dangerous IN THE WRONG HANDS.

    This includes not only the thugs and wanna be gangsters, but those who think they are big teddy bears as well.

    They are NOT a breed for everyone, and take the "right kind of owner" to be safe.

    I am NOT against any breed, but promoting a breed as safe and cuddly when it's a strong breed that needs a specific type of handling is just as dangerous as trying to have them as a status symbol.

  2. ♥ Howlarious says

    for the same reasons ppl misunderstand the APBT or Rotties, or Dobies.
    ignorance, myth and down right lies.

    a cane corso "scares" some ppl because it has a "bully like" appearance. and right now APBT (pit bull type dogs) are the biggest "boogie man" kind of dog right now w/all the BS about them spreading like wildfire. ANY dog that has a "bully breed" appearance is feared.

    it's ridiculous.

    **side note: ummm wasn't Cujo a St. Bernard? LOL**

    ;) – ahh here you are and WRONG like always.
    those dogs were NOT Cane Corsos they were presa canarios. research before you run your mouth. and those dogs were trained to BE that way by the idiots that owned them. http://www.trutv.com/newname.html

  3. SugarChick1369 says

    I never thought Cane Corsos were dangerous breeds. I think they are quite lovely and give messy kisses. :)
    They do, however require training and shouldn't be a first time dog owners dog.

    People probably say that because of their appearance. They get stereotyped just like APBT and Am staffs. Its real sad, and the people that think they are dangerous are ignorant and should do research.

    I am so sick of saying this, but its the truth:
    There are no bad breeds, just bad owners.

  4. barkbite says

    They are wonderful loving and loyal dogs. They are also big and powerful and protective. They are bred to guard and as such they do require early socialization and on going training, but with it they can be great pets.

  5. Ty B says

    The cane corso is bred for guard work. What that means is that yes, they are more dangerous without good training and socialization.
    I'm a little tired of people saying that it is the owner, not the breed. Well yes, the owner is a big part. Behavior, however, is determined by 2 factors:
    – Genetics
    – Upbringing

    Even owners that bring up a dog perfectly can end up with an aggressive dog. That doesn't mean that a dog that is genetically predisposed towards aggression should be put down, it just means they need more training than the average dog. The cane corso happens to be a dog that is genetically bred for protective characteristics. This means that they MAY be more dangerous than other breeds.

  6. ;) says

    This was the breed that sent their owners to jail for killing a woman. The owners let them run loose with no regard to human life.

    And it is banned in many areas.

  7. MyselfandI says

    Probably because they are usually guard dogs. People have the same fear of dobermans, etc. I'm a firm believer that how you treat a dog influences its behavior the most. Having said that, however, if irresponsible breeders breed for aggression, a dog will always have a tendency to aggression. Look at the wikipedia entry I've cited. It says "the majority of the American version of the Corso do not possess the proper temperament for this breed."

  8. Love is An American says

    The same reason people think the Pitbull is mean and dangerous…because they are ignorant and uneducated about the breed. The Cane Corso is a very loving, protective dog that is wonderful in the right hands. You have to be very firm but loving with this dog. It is not for the average owner. This dog does wonderfully on farms and with people who have a lot of land for the dog to excercise regularly. This is a beautiful dog who should be properly socialized at a very early age. They do great with other dogs they were raised with and they love the children they live with. I don't think the Cane Corso is a dangerous breed at all!

  9. Chalice says

    It has more of a natural tendency to be aggressive. Of course they can be lovely dogs – but they are more of a behavioural challenge than mastiffs, and certainly more so than st bernards – they're a breed people often get and just can't handle. The most dangerous dog I know is a Cane Corso – it's not really the owner's fault, the dog is epileptic and behavioural therapy just isn't really practical for him. He's like a baby with her though. Anyway, it's unfortunate situations like that that give the breed a bad rep, like with any breed with a bad rep, but only ignorant people would quake at the mere mention of a dog of this breed. Most people know any dog of any breed can be a fine dog.


  10. A. Wray says

    I've never head a bad thing about them, but I have a bully breed so I doubt people would tell me those kinds of comments knowing my reactions.

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