Why is my dog twitching and barking during his sleep?

KiddKayy: my dog is twitching and barking during his sleep.?
my dog is twitching his feet and barking in his dreams. why do dogs do this? it makes me laugh and i’ve always wondered what’s going on in their little doggy brains. i’ve had 5 dogs and each and everyone of them do this when they go into deep sleep. i’ve had a boxer, 2 wiener dogs, a berger picard, and a german shepherd. so i know it has nothing to do with different breeds because they’re pretty diverse.

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Answer by H
They are having doggie dreams. I think its adorable too. They are probably dreaming that they are running around and playing.

Answer by mauveme49
Mine are the same, when it gets noisy I cough and it wakes them up, They have quite an indignant look too on their faces, Funny.

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  1. Kit says

    He is dreaming. Some dogs dream more than others. I have one that dreams a lot, he even barks and whimpers sometimes.

  2. Leslie says

    you answered yourself, it’s because they’re dreaming, of what? no one can possibly know.

    some people laugh,talk,get physically violent,move around a lot,sleepwalk etc while dreaming, no one else knows what is going on in their minds while dreaming, the only one who can answer that is the person having the dream, as for the dog, well it can’t tell you so you will never know.

  3. luvrats says

    All animals dream, just like all people dream. It can indeed be very amusing! Don’t wake him up though, unless you think he’s having a very bad dream.

    As for why they twitch and ‘run’ in their sleep – no one really knows of course, but most of us suspect that they are chasing bunnies in their dreams!

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