Why does my dog bark in the middle of the night?

: Why does my dog bark at absolutely nothing in the middle of the night?
My dog will occasionally bark at nothing, like the walls or while looking up at the ceiling, randomly. Whats wrong with my dog?

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Answer by Aq0ll0

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  1. Autumn says

    your dog is protecting you while your guard is down. dogs can hear things that you can't and sense movement and all of that fun stuff… so when he/she barks, it's probably not at nothing. i have a chihuahua/mini-pin and he is extremely protective over me (he bites my brother every time he comes over) and he does the same thing. he's just guarding his house and his owner. :)

  2. Norahhh says

    I don't think anything is wrong with your dog.
    My dog does the same thing.
    He/she probably senses something that you don't.
    Like barely audible noises or whatever else.

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