Who would win German Shepherd or Rottweiler?

Dawgy: Who would win in a fight German Shepherd or Rottweiler?
I'm just curious, I'm not going to make them fight or stuff like that but which is stronger or faster?

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Answer by Megan
It depends on how they are trained.

Answer by t

it wud be a blood bath thats for sure, but id say that rottweiler but not by much as i have witnessed a GS mess up a pit bull

Answer by susmeister

GSD is an intelligent dog and so is rottweiler, not as GSD but still it is intelligent enough. GSD maybe faster than rottweiler but rottweiler is stronger, heavier and has more bite size than GSD. also rottie has a thick neck and they know how to use their weight. if say if every they encounter each other, i bet rottie would come out on top. SAY NO TO DOG FIGHTS

Answer by john wayne

well…….I Think German shephard would win beacause they are very very clever!!!!

Answer by Shahrand

I think German shephead win it has speed but

Rottwieler have stronge jab i have German sheph

ead so i say German shephead win win win.

Answer by SC

A few years ago on Animal Planet,they took a test on 4 dogs on powerfulness in the bite,so I would say Rottweilar because the damage.I'm not sure about speed,that would be determined by the individual dog.Overall I say Rottweilar,because bite,but it would be close,because I think the German Shepherd could pin the Rottweilar,so now I think about I'm not exactly sure,but I'll pick Rottweiler and German Shepherd a close second.=)

Answer by Jonathan

ive had both of these dogs before but i think the German Shepard is faster but the rottweiler is stronger especially my rottweiler she was a German rottweiler twice as big as the American rottweiler , id have to go with the rottweiler tho

Answer by Peter Griffin

Oh my god… These questions are beginning to bug me…. it's like watching bad reality TV….

both breeds are not good as effective "manstoppers" in my opinion as they are undersized compared to Molossers.
Both are under 100lbs, maybe rottie tops out at 110 if its from large stock…. SO neither is an effective "fighter" in my opinion, and both would be destroyed by say a Tosa Inu, Presa Canario, or absolutely by a Boerboel.

Rottweiler wins due to it possessing what is known in the dog world as "gameness". Its original purpose was closer to fighting than the shepherds….. plus it's stronger and usually will weigh 20lbs more or so.


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  1. EMILIE says

    Rottweiler would I think just because of their huge mouth and jaw. Once a Rottweiler got hold I think you'd have an extremely hard time making it let go.

    Love Rotties ;)

    • says

      I think rottweiler would win because the rottweiler has strong jaws and muscle compare to german shepherd so i choose that a rottweiler would win XD!!!!:)

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