Who will win in a fight a rottweiler or a husky?

ptyde: Which dog do you think will win in a fight a rottweiler or a husky?
Please no rude answers because im not going to fight them, if i was a dog fighter i wouldn't come here to ask who should i put in the ring. I would know myself. But im just curious. So what do you think?

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Answer by DJ

Answer by Lee
I think a husky would win. Many people think a rottweiler would because of its brute strength, but I disagree. A husky is strong, too, and even though it might not have the powerful bite like a rottweiler, it also agile and has fierce instincts. Husky wins.
P.S. this is a horrible question. I would never mention it again if I were you.

Answer by Babulaa
I say husky. In neighborhood we have one that ripped apart 2 rottweilers alone. Wolf style of combat,puts ass as shield and bites part of the neck in turn. Second,due to speed of husky and weight of rottweiler,its a lot easier for husky to maneuver and avoid rottie’s attack,and to strike back,all this + strength of husky’s jaw. Remember,good percent of husky’s bloodline is of wolf,and in many cases I know of,it prevails when husky is in danger.
Many people are underestimating husky because of his silent and non aggressive nature,but from my experience I saw that they’re just like humans – silent ones are usually the strongest.

Answer by Angel
I think this is a stupid hypothetical question. Why would you be thinking about this sort of thing? Obviously it depends on the dogs individual personality….What a ridiculous thing to be curious about.

Answer by Willie Survive
I would have to say, as we do "in the hood", The "Rock" weiler would win. My reason is I think that it is a bigger and heavier dog that is more of a natural fighter than the husky.

Answer by John
Definitely a husky. A husky would kill any other dog except maybe the German Shepard. The husky dog is just much more clever and it has fighting in its blood. But they are calm and playful pets. Don’t listen to ppl saying its a wierd question because its not

Answer by Kendall
i think husky because it's a sweet dog but if they have to they could rip your head off.
i don't fight dogs either.

Answer by Big Dog
are u seriouse u no dam well a rottwieler will tear that husky up i shuld no
this husky was wondering the street nd my 152 lb rott jump the fence nd tour his asss up i sware to its not funny but man he drag that poor dog up nd down the street good thing i live in the east side of detriot no cops hhahahahahahahah

Answer by Vsar
Lol rotts are garbige dogs n ur dog was just being a bully hahaha bring it to canada
We mix are husky’s with caucasian shepherds to kills wolfs n res dogs. Ur rott is just a show
Dog be realistic a really imported or sled husky would kill ur rott

Answer by Sab
fuk u ass son .rottwiler is the king amoung dogs and it can tear off other dogs .if you wanna check bring it to india and lets see who wins


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  1. mike lash says

    All I can say is I saw a gsd vs huskie when I was young and it was a life changer. There was absolutely no contest. The shepard had thr husky on its back in seconds while my dad kicked and hit her trying to get her off the crying husky. It was sad. Tryst me a gsd has a whole lot more left in theirttank than that warning bark you hear.
    Only one dig scares me and that'd a pit. They are to stupid to quit. Gsd's will gladly quit cuz they have other things to do lije protect its pack.
    Sorry husky fans but there is no contest.

  2. sab says

    listen everbody i am a dog fighter and i have seen many dog fights from that i can say rottwiler will win over huskey as they are powerfull and ther jaw strength is more poerfull than huskey .so a huskey can t beat rottwiler.rottwiler can be beaten by bull dogs.the main factor of dog fighting is jaw strength.

    i would say huskey can beat germansheperd and doberman pomeranian hahahahahha

    • Eric hutto says

      I might be a little late but a husky has a more powerful bite than a Rottweiler they only has 320 an a husky has 420 they just don't fight if I came down to fighting a husky would win they are faster an stronger I own a husky an it got in a fight with a pit bull an killed it came in my yard in his territory huskys don't put up with that stuff so I say husky would win

  3. mdk says

    The husky has a better agility advantage and attacking technique. It will lock on it neck like a wolf and instantly kill a Rottweiler

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