Which breed of dog has the highest bite force?

Heyyo: Which dog breed has the highest bite force?
Also, do you people actually think the kurdis kangal had a bite force of about 700 something? I find this hard to believe.

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Photo Credit: Offutt Air Force Base/Flickr

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Answer by sydney
german shepherd

Answer by Nicole
Pit bull’s only have a bite pressure of 235 pounds, compared to a Doberman which has about 600 pounds of bite pressure. Also, German Shepard’s have 238 pounds of pressure, Rottweiler has 328 pounds,and Mastiff has 552 pounds of pressure. Sources are Pedigree database and National Geographic. So neither the Pit bull or German Shepard has the highest bite force. Also, do not label any dog as “vicious”. That just shows you are a very uneducated about dog breeds. I have owned almost all of these breeds, and they were absolutely fantastic and loving. It depends on the owners…if you have to label anything vicious, than label the human.

Answer by Fred

If anyone here can read and understand swedish i will post up some results that will prove you all wrong.You can forget about pitbulls,amstaffs and rottweilers.If you would go up to the sarplaninac mountains and measure the bite force from some actual wolfkillers like some sarplaninacs,ovcharka´s (both central asian/caucasian) who have lived their whole lifes in the mountains protecting livestock and fighting of wolfs and bears you would absolutely have a much much higher biteforce than anyone of these pitbulls and sheperds and etc etc.

Seriously,guys.do you really think that a weiler or a pitbull even could have a biteforce higher than anyone of theese breeds if they had the same sort of training? Its absurd.

I own a sheperd and i had a c.a.o before and now own her little sister whos is a c.a.o/sarplaninac mix. i had to put down my former pure bred c.a.o after she attacked me and i can guarantee you that a shep or a rottie bite would not even compare to the damage she caused me.There is a reason to why the ovcharkas and kangals are the most popular guard/fighting dog in all of eastern europe and not rotties or shepherds…

Answer by Jamie
I'm not too sure overall but Animal Planet did a special on this.
They did Pittbull vs German Shepard vs Rottie and the Rottie had the strongest bite force out of the three at 328 pounds. The guy mentions something about how he believes it's the strongest bite force ever recorded on a domestic dog…

Here is the link if you want to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbwMs7cjK0Y

Answer by xKatie
I would have to assume that the strongest bite force would come from the bull-mastiff.
A rottweiler has 3000 lbs per square inch in it's jaws.The rotts come directly from the mastiff altho I have no idea what was bred with the mastiff to get the rott.Also ancient Romans used the mastiff to fight lions in the arena. They'd most certainly have to be pretty powerful to bring down a lion.

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  1. T.Greene says

    Actually,if you ask '' the guy in the sleeve'',he will tell you the Doberman has the softest bite of any guarding breed.

    • Guest says

      If the Doberman has never been scientifically tested, then how do you know that the other dogs have a stronger bite force? Many people have written that the Doberman has a bite force around 600 pounds. So it's hard to say that the GSD and Rottweiler have a stronger bite force if they both have been tested but the Doberman hasn't.

    • Chris says

      As police K-9 handler with a 100lb GSD with a huge bite for a Shepherd and owning a 90lb Doberman. I've seen these 2 go at each other more than I would like to admit. Never intentionally I love those dogs. However I wanted to try and have them be a part of the family pack. Failed but my Doberman would kill my Shepherd if I allowed them to "work it out" as they say. I honestly don't know anything about bite force except through years of training each dog I've taken a sleeve from is a different force and depending on the day one might be better than the other just depends how worked up the handler gets the dog and if he is wanted to hurt you or just play! So owning both breeds I know one thing my smaller Dobie would eat my heavier GSD's lunch.

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