Where to find a chew proof toy for my Ridgeback Puppy?

: I need to find an almost chew proof toy for my 9 month Ridgeback Puppy, any suggestions?
He chews through everything…nothing seems to last! Help

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Answer by scrgrl
Kongs are fairly indestructible.

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  1. Rosalie L says

    No dog toy is completely chew proof, but I reccommend nylabones if your pup is chewing on things. It will keep his jaw occupied for a while!

  2. Emmzie says

    If yoy look on the pets at home website or go in store if you have one close by you will find a selection on non destructable bones, they are good i had the same promblem when my dog was young. There is a wide range of bones and you just have to pick the right size bone for the weight of your dog.

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