August 22, 2014

Where to find a chew proof toy for my Ridgeback Puppy?

Question by : I need to find an almost chew proof toy for my 9 month Ridgeback Puppy, any suggestions?
He chews through everything…nothing seems to last! Help

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Answer by scrgrl
Kongs are fairly indestructible.

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  1. No dog toy is completely chew proof, but I reccommend nylabones if your pup is chewing on things. It will keep his jaw occupied for a while!

  2. Mommy2Jordy says:

    lol good luck, i treid cocker chewed through the kong…i just gave up

  3. If yoy look on the pets at home website or go in store if you have one close by you will find a selection on non destructable bones, they are good i had the same promblem when my dog was young. There is a wide range of bones and you just have to pick the right size bone for the weight of your dog.

  4. MuttDog™ Lover says:
  5. get the black kong. it's supposed to be for really strong chewers. they also have toys that are made of that same material in different shapes. stock up!

  6. ஐwmjஐ says:

    I feel for you…my puppy chews through everything as well.

    Here are the best indestructable toys I have ever seen:


    Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball!

    Kong! (the original one)

    **You can find the kong almost anywhere from walmart to petsmart, the everlasting treat ball can be found at most pet supply stores, and the goughnuts I have only seen at those specialty dog boutiques in malls.**

    A word of advice: I have found that anything soft with a squeaker, tennis balls, and any thin plastic toy will last about half an hour. Even really tough bones don't last more than a couple hours! Good luck!

  7. lost girl says:

    Kong makes a ball that is basically indistructable! I have a yr old doberman and it is the ONLY ball he can not destroy! They run about $ 10.00

  8. Shelby Lynn says:

    Toys for made for Horses are virtually indestructible. There are big balls, balls with handles, balls with holes to hide food, and many others! Of course they are gonna be big, but your Ridgeback will grow to be pretty big and he will be able to handle them. I bought a ball with a handle on it from a tack store, it is meant for horses to play with, but my dog loves it! She is a boxer, we bought it when she was a year old, she's almost ten and still has that darn ball. That's how long it will last. It's the only ball we can give her cause she pops everything else and tries to eat it! Good luck!!

  9. Kongs do work very well, but nothing is indestructible with dogs they'll destroy anything overtime. They have a blast doing it though so when one toy dies you gotta get em a new one. Just like a kid. I buy my dog squeaky stuffed animals and she rips them apart! Good news is they last awhile because they're made from canvas and they only cost a dollar at the 99 cent store. My dog is a boxer so she is rough and the canvas toys seem to last.

  10. Maybe tennis ball, kong, or let him chew the stuff out of a toy and then still see if he likes it.

  11. A spare tire. We had a rottweiler, and we tied the tire from a tree branch with a good rope. Our dog loved it.

    A large Kong was his next favorite toy.

  12. Dog Lover says:

    Kongs! I agree with these two :)

  13. imcrazy189 says:

    The little bad cuz and good cuz toys are good but watch out for the legs on it your dog will get those off. Nylabone galileo is pretty good. The original kong is another tough one.

    Good/Bad Cuz

    Nylabone Galileo


  14. Kongs are great. They're REALLY hard to destroy

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