When should a golden retriever be separated from its mother?

toskalaislove: How old should a golden retriever be to be separated from its mother?

I am planning on buying a baby golden retriever, and i was just wondering what age i should buy it at. I've heard 6 weeks to 10 weeks. Im not sure. I want it to be healthy so please give me an accurate age. Also i was wondering the price range, so if you could add that in your answer it would be greatly appreciated.

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Buddy is 8 weeks old

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Answer by Real Deal CowGirl

the very best age is 10 weeks,but it can go as low as 8 weeks,but NO lower.

Answer by TJ

First lets brake this down just a bit.
Separating a LITTER from their mother is part of the weaning process, and is a completely different thing to when the litter is split up and the pups sent to new homes.
With my breed we separate the litter (as a litter) from their mother at 5 weeks, obviously way to young to send to new homes.
I will not split up a litter before 8 weeks, but will split them up before 10 weeks. The reason for 8 weeks is because we have their eyes CERF examined at 8 weeks. The reason for 10 weeks is because fear memory is said to develop during the 11 th week.
Price ranges from A to Z. I just know that there are only two places that I would get a Golden from. Topbrass Retrievers here in the US, and Holway Goldens in England.

June Atkinson Holway Goldens

Answer by Melissa S

8 weeks to ten weeks,any younger is too young, the longer it stays with the mother the better because in those first 8 to 10 weeks the mother gives them the milk, weens them onto food, and also passes down good behaviour, shee keeps them in there place,and usually the pups are more healthier at this age, and bigger to cope with the separation anxiety.
if you go to http://www.donedeal.com that will give you retrievers for sale and there prica, location, and contact details.

Answer by T

8-12 weeks. 10 weeks is my preference. Price I have no idea with this breed. However I'm sure other people will answer that for you. Do you have your heart set on buying from a privet party? If not try the shelter & petfinder.com. Tks.

Answer by Amanda H

No sooner than 8 weeks, but 10 weeks is better. Some states have laws against selling puppies under 8 weeks. I would say expect to spend at least 1,000.00 for a pet quality golden from a reputable breeder.

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  1. millypeed says

    The minimum age is 8 weeks, but it's better to wait until 10 to 12 weeks, pups needs to stay with mum and siblings until then, even though they have been weaned and are eating solid food they will learn vital socialisation skills in these last few weeks.

  2. BYB's ♥ says

    8 weeks minimum.

    The puppy should cost $ 750-$ 1500 for a companion animal. The breeder should be GRCA members and compete their dogs somehow. Whether it's field, hunt, or conformation tests, at least the father should be titled.

    Visit and http://www.pbrc.net/breeding3.html for more advice on choosing a breeder and avoiding bad breeders with unhealthy dogs.

  3. ♥Love Herds&h says

    A well bred golden retriever will be expensive. All well bred dogs are. A GOOD breeder won't let pups got until AT LEAST 8 weeks. 10 is pretty good.

  4. Rayven-Fried Sea Kit says

    No sooner than 8 weeks of age.

    Pet quality from a reputable breeder 500-1000 depending on the breeder.
    Pup from a shelter 100-200 maybe less varies from shelter to shelter.

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