When is it too old for a Pomeranian dog to have puppies or get pregnant?

Q: How old is too old for a Pomeranian to have puppies or get pregnant?
I have a 7 year old Pomeranian and I don't know if she is in heat or not. Or even if she can still get pregnant at this age. I can't find any info on this anywhere. Does anyone have experience with an older toy dog getting pregnant or having puppies?
Thank you!!!
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Answer by xallyxx16
I would NOT recommened getting her pregnant, at 7, it could kill her.

Answer by Kit_kat
In most cases breeders will retire the dog at 7 – 8 years old
If she never had pups there is more chance of complications
also a good chance you will have to raise the pups and that is feeding and making go potty every 2 hours day and night.

Answer by $arah(APBT owner x4)

Why would you want that, it could kill her she is too old and her body can not handle a pregnancy.. more than likely you will lose her and the litter. Have her spayed.

kit kat you bred dogs for 20+ years, and you bred them until 7-8 years old???? What the hell is wrong with you people..NO… real breeders usually retire their females at 5 yrs old 6 at the latest.

Answer by Jaclyn
Seven is not too old to have puppies. Her age is fine. Dogs do not retire from breeding until after age eight.
If she has never had puppies at all then you should have her spayed at 8 to avoid a pyometra. They are more common in older dogs who have never given birth.

Answer by rahul
i have two toys ……..one is male and second is female but they have got seven years old till ten she does’nt get pragnanent ……….when male dog try to crosss her when she in heat….so she can not do anything n fight eachother …………so can any one help fot get me puppies…….
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Answer by ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie
technically she can get pregnant.. however it is NOT SAFE for a dog that age to carry a pregnancy or whelp a litter.
Get your dog SPAYED. Breeding at that age could kill her!

Answer by mattie
my question is that I’ve got a female Pomeranian & she is 8yrs old & never had puppies is she now to old to have puppies?

Answer by admin
Most comments say it might be dangerous.

Answer by rahul
once i have try to another dog but there is a same condition…..

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  1. sl_mj1960 says

    shes to old for breeding to many complications.i have 2 poms i is 3 yrs old n due to have puppies in 5 days i will stop breeding her at age 5 ones 2 yrs old getting ready to breed her to a chi her next heat but wont breed her after 5 yrs.

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