When do Great Danes start their first heat cycle?

MaryKate: When do Danes start their first heat cycle?
My dane will be 1 year at the end of the month. Haven't seen anything that resembles a heat cycle yet. Just wondering about when they usually start...
When have your pups gone into heat for the first time?
Spaying is in her future, so dont worry about that and just answer my question...
oye vey. lol
i have no problem with an emergency spay if that be the case... but again its besides the point. Are Danes "late bloomers" or is it just my dog... 1 year old and still nothing.

great dane heat cycle
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Answer by Louisiana Gurl ♥'s Dogz APBT
Why don't you just spay her and you won't have to worry about this.
Most dog start at about 6 mths some start later or some start earlier..

Answer by Jen Hinson
Some females clean themselves very well, so look for lots of licking. Became if this you might not she he "dripping blood". Do watch for excessive licking.
I really wish people will get off everyone's back about spaying and neutering before 6mos of age or spat before first heat. It has been proven that with larger dogs (like danes, black Russian terrier, etc) that its more healthy to postpone these actions until the dog/bitch is 24months of Be. At a minimum 12 months, but even that is iffy. Large breed dogs are still growing, developing muscle, bone mass and connectivity tissue until 2years of age.

Don't let anyone push you to getting it done early! They will not be the one with vet bills or a lame dog in pain suffering from early death. But I cannot stress enough to watch any and all intact dogs (male and female) carefully. Females need watching during their heat (if they have one before 2 years. The might not get first one until then. Large breeds generally are late bloomers)

For those of you who only have a male(s) sitting back and saying, "i don't have to worry about my dog in heat or getting pregnant". Remember, you have more responsibilities and need to watch your dogs all the time, not just 6weeks out of the year. I say this because, you male can hook up with any female at any time the me wants. The male doesn't uBersexual their own heat system go drive them. They are driven by every email in season in the neighborhood! One female could produce maybe 2 dozen pups a year. That is 2 heat cycles. The male could hook up with many females every day of the year. Let's say the male is lower complete freedom.and only hooks up with 1 female a day with a small Average of 6 pups/litter.in one year of 364 days, that one male would produce over 1800 puppies. That is conservative. Can you imagine if he gets together with 5 or more a day? Even if not all rest in pregnancy, it is still an amount much more than a single female can produce. Both sides responsible, but males need to be fixed too. I wonder if courts charged owners of males child support if more neutering would be done.

Again to those giving hell for keeping dogs intact past a certain time, get facts right. There are medical reasons for operating at a much later age. You don't know why owners don't want to keep dig intact for time being. Some dogs might never be fixed,cause the might be allergic to anesthesia, etc. Finally, if everyone fixed their dogs, it would be only one more generation of dogs left. After that, they would be extinct! I'm not against fixing dogs and bitches, but I am against those who believe all dogs should be fixed!
Sorry…Autospeller messed up some of my words. I hope you can make out what I meant to say!

Answer by christianne
I like you Jen!
Some people are so ignorant!

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  1. Great Dane Lover says

    While some Danes do go in heat at 6-7 months of age many do not. It is not uncommon for a Dane to not come into their first heat until they are 12 months of age or older...some as old as 18 months.

    Just to comment...you really should think about getting the spay done before she comes in heat. By doing so you pretty much eliminate the risk of mammary cancer (which is high in in tact dogs and the risk gets higher with each heat cycle a dog has). As for emergency spays...as a vet tech i wil ltell you taht is never a good thing for a dog. The risk during an emergency spay are higher for complications then they are in a routine spay. The dog is asked to go under anesthesia and have a major surgery when she is in less then optimal health.

    • john says

      it is not true about cancer and fixing dogs, that is a myth in america.. cancer rates are considerably lower in Europe for unspayed / neutered dogs where they actually track this,, I am not saying do not fix your dog,, doing it early is bad for your dog and that is fact..If you are responsible owner do not take the easy way out. wait at least 2 years. and stop spreading this false information! Breeding is far more controlled in the EU, with greater documentation.. That's why you get better dogs meaning more stable healthier dogs from the EU, most police and military dogs are brought in from over seas.

  2. Patricia says

    Usually 6 to 9 months but not all dogs are the same careful the mongrel from down the road does not sneak in when you least expect it.

  3. gsdluvrr *pups are 3 says

    The average time that a dog will have her first heat is 6 months of age. All dogs are different though - my German Shepherd had her first heat at 13 months of age.

    You will definitely know when she is in heat. Her vulva will swell and she will drip blood.

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