When are dogs allowed to bark?

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Zitynn: When are dogs allowed to bark during the day?
Around 7:30 in the morning, my dog goes out for a couple minutes to bark and then at 5:30 he goes out and barks a little. During weekends, when are dogs allowed to bark? Or are they not allowed to bark at all, because my dog enjoys barking.

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Answer by Mr. A. N. Onymous
There are no laws saying when dogs are allowed to bark. Let him go wild.

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  1. Jerry says

    Most towns have ordinances which cover the noise levels of many things, cars music,dogs etc. So after you read this it would be a good idea to double check with your police dept. Generally speaking I have found noise ordinances to run from 9 or 9:30 PM to 7:30 AM. During the day were I live if you animal makes noise almost constantly that is regarded as an offense as well. Short term barking in the evening usually will draw no complaint, it depends on the neighbors.

    If you are worried about your neighbors one trick I have learned is to go next door and apologize up front and ask them if they consider your pooch a pain. Before you leave tell them you are trying to be a good neighbor and if he bothers them to call you. Leave them your number, I have never had any neighbor call.

    The important thing to remember is we all have that one neighbor that is, lets say not very pleasant and in their case nothing you do will help much. Just try your best, few nuisance calls result in a real problem. Unless your neighbor is completely unreasonable like me. LOL Remember every time you see your neighbors ALWAYS smile and give a little wave it goes a long way in maintaining peace and you may get friends out of it.

    By the way it works if you have a party too. Before the party tell them it's going to happen and tell them to call if it gets rowdy, and before you leave tell them it would be OK if they dropped by, you'd love to have them. Again no one has ever attended mine but I never got a call of police visit either.

    Being a good neighbor doesn't take much and most people are pretty cool if you give them a chance.

    • dave says

      I am not so lucky i have a mean angry agressive foul mouthed neighbour in general my dogs bark at the post man ,a passing dog, next doors dog if they should appear at the same time last week i was working in the garden the dogs were at the back door when next doors dog appeared i couldnt leave what i was doing straight away and out popped my neighbours head hurling abuse and threats it happens periodically the last time was about four months ago when he vowed to get rid of my dogs next day animal welfare rspca in the uk …. knocked on my door saying they had a report of two abandoned dogs, this time when i refused to bow to is abuse he said open your gate be down in two minuets, this guy was huge but i stood my ground either i was brave or stupid more abuse tryed to tell him look talk to me civilised and ill do what you ask no problem ,he wouldnt listen so he reported me and told the council my dogs bark constantly now there threatening to remove the dogs, on both occassions it was early afternoon barking, council virtually told me my dog was not allowed to bark????? theres about seven eight dogs in the apartments surrounding mine there dogs bark some a whole lot more than mine visted my closet neighbours to ask if my dogs bother them they both said rarely hear them just the odd time, we have found glass on our lawn removed it and few days later it as reappeared but no proof as to it being our fantastic nieghbour, whats funny is i used to work in the same factory as him it was standerd knoledge he hated dogs but i am being harrassed by the authorities who seem to care more about him than the truth anyone help advice anything please

  2. KatherineG says

    depends where you live. but i've never heard of a dog not being aloud to bark. lol. apartment buildings if the allow dogs will have something in their rules about it maybe. If so than just ask. But other than that you cant really keep a dog from barking.

    p.s. thanks for giving me my laugh for today

  3. Jenny says

    What country do you live in, that you think this is a logical question?

    If you're concerned about getting in trouble with your local law, call them up and ask what the ordinances are in your town.

  4. Bobbie L says

    There should be a noise ordinance law in your city/county. Call your local code enforcement agency. When I lived in a city, our noise ordinance code said that there was to be quiet from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m.

  5. Gwen says

    At those times your dog is probably hearing school buses and children and he just wants to holla at them..lol..Hell.. sometimes I wanna scream… I have a beagle who will bark slightly but mostly HOWLS… omg.. he is ruthless..lol.. I'm sure everyone in my neighborhood hates me.. BUT I don't care.. we saved him from the shelter and he's wonderful!!

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