What’s the dogs bite force?

P2: dogs bite force?????????
what are the bite forces of these dogs?
dogo argentino
tibetan mastiff
caucasian ovcharka
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Answer by cav mom
Try the site below, there is information on dog bite force

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  1. moof says

    Generally speaking, the bite force corresponds with the length and broadness of the dog's muzzle. The longer and more narrow the snout is, the smaller the bite force. The shorter and wider the snout is, the greater the snout is. While I don't have the specific figures for each of those breeds (the most reputable study done was only performed on 22 breeds), here's how I think they'd be ranked from least to greatest bite force based on the broadness of their muzzles:
    Dogo Argentino/Russian Ovcharka
    Tibetan Mastiff

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