What should I know about Newfoundland dogs?

April: Newfoundlands?
I've been researching this breed and I just have a few questions:

How much do they usually drool? I've heard that some breeders have lines that have smaller muzzles and I wonder if these are less prone to drooling.

I've read that they are protective of their family, which is great to me, but do they tend to bark alot? I live in a suburban/urban area and have close neighbors so this could be a concern.
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Since they are protective do they usually have problems living with other dogs?

You know how every time you look at the housing any given breed needs, the description always says something like: "they can live in a small place as long as they're excercised" Well I never understand this; are they going to go crazy unless they live on an acreage or are they one of those couch potatoe kind of dogs?

Lastly, do they cost significantly more to feed then say... a Labrador?

Feel free to add anything you think I should know. :)

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Answer by squeaky130
The Newfies I know, drool alot. They are great with kids and other animals.

Answer by jedimorgana
Newfoundlands are generally very easy-going dogs: loving, loyal and sweet. My aunt has one who almost never barks, but she is HUGE!! I don't know about drool, since dogs in general are drooly to me, but the ones I've known have been ok in the drool department.

Newfoundlands don't need a lot of space, but do need attention and being walked. Also, I would advise consistent training, as they are large and tend to be affectionate, and without training may be hard to handle.

Cost of feeding will be significant, they are very large dogs: over 100 lbs. usually, so yes, more than a lab.

Answer by [email protected]
The Newfoundland is HUGE....and yes they drool. They need a lot of room, and a lot of food and put out a lot of waste. Is this what you want? I would think a smaller dog would be a little more easy to maintain.

Answer by xmillerphotos
There is no way to say for sure how much a Newfie will drool- every dog is different and you'll just have to hope you get the one who's not a heavy drooler. I'd suspect the females would drool less since they've got smaller muzzles to begin with.

Any dog can bark a lot, it will all depend on discipline and exercise to determine how "barkable" your dog is. I've noticed my dogs bark more if they've not had decent exercise where as days they've been out for a few hours they don't bark at all.

I have never met another dog aggressive Newfoundland- but again, it's all in the owner. If you socialize them at an early age then it shouldn't matter, dogs, cats, pigs, horses- as long as you socialize them he'll be fine with any other animal.

The whole "it's fine if they're exercised" is based on activeness in the house. A Great Dane in a mansion can be very destructive, chewing things, peeing everywhere, if not given the proper exercise in order to release his energy. Dogs become destructive when they haven't been able to release physical energy, they get frustrated and look some place else to take their frustration out. A Great Dane living in a 1 bedroom apartment who got 2 hours of exercise a day would be well off, better behaved, and an all round better dog, then a Great Dane living in a mansion who is left inside all day to his own devices.

Newfoundlands are active as puppies as I've seen but mellow out around 2 or 3 years old. They are considered an extra large breed- so it would need more food than you would feed a Labrador. I love Newfoundlands, but because they're so large, they're prone to a lot of hip problems and usually do not live past 10 years old. I would say for a Newfie pup, 4-5 cups of food a day would be adequate and as the puppy gets older, say around 1 years old, you can drop it to 3-4 cups. Though you'll have to make a guess since all dogs are different.

Hope I helped, good luck!

Answer by Kelly C
They drool quite bit, but not so bad that it's all over the place.. I do have to mention that quite often they wipe it on you on purpose. My friends Newf would drink and then come over and wipe her drooly face on your pants, purposely. She would also come up and shake right beside you on purpose, it seemed she found it amusing. This dog had a cleaner muzzle not so sloppy as some Newfs I have seen but she still had drool.

She had no problem living with 2 other dogs and many other dogs before that.. she was quite gregarious and friendly. But that could be all in the training and I would say it depends.

She was probably one of the laziest dogs I have ever met, quite low energy except when it came to water, if you are getting a Newf it is an absolute must to have access to frequent swimming, they are a natural water dog and a few visits a week to the lake will be all they need to be happy.

They eat quite a bit more than a Lab, Newfs are big dogs, but again it depends on the dogs energy level..

As for barking.. Osa(the newf I knew) barked like any other dog, no more or less. She was friendly withh all sorts of people, thought she would bark when you first came in the yard, she was just doing what any good dog should do.. announce the presence of strangers. She never bit anyone and was a great dog..

Answer by robb
i have 2 pure bread newfies.

one of mine barely drools, the other drools just a little when its hot or when he's excited.

they rarely ever bark. there smart tho they know when something is wrong and have a loud bark when they need it.

they get along great with other dogs, cats, birds haha we have a blue and gold mccaw and little kids.

they are more of a lazy dog, mine have a yard and they use it for about 20 minutes at a time before they take a nap. they lived inside early in there lives tho and they didnt mind it at all.

they are kinda spendy, and there can be waiting lists.

they love the water and people. they get lots of attention anywhere i take them. there huge. mine are about 170 and 190, 2 and 4 years old.

be very careful who you buy from tho as these dogs are very prone to hip problems and other health problems. only buy from well known breeder, do your research on the breeder.

Answer by ♥Friends with Everyone♥
Have you read this review on the breed yet. It has the pros and cons about getting one.

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