July 23, 2014

What kind of dog is on the Iams dog food brand commercial?

Question by irishditty77: What kind of dog is on the Iams dogfood commercial?
It’s a white, fluffy dog. Looks like a large breed. Anyone have any ideas? He’s a cutie!!!

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Answer by Iams Gal
He is a cutie!!

Snowball is a mixed breed who’s parents were also mixed breeds!

If you’re looking for a dog like Snowball, the best place to look is your local shelter or www.petfinder.com.

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  1. familylaw guy says:

    She's a goldendoodle — that's the mixed breed. I''m nearly positive b/c we have a 10 mos old gd and they could be siblings…seriously, the first time we saw the ad we almost fell off the couch. They are great dogs…google goldendoodle and you'll see there's no doubt about it…

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