August 1, 2014

What is too cold for a small chihuahua?

Question by Samantha: How cold is too cold for a small chihuahua?
I have a chihuahua she is full grown but very little prob about 2 lb. I live in northern california and it gets very cold here, and sometimes snows. what is too cold for a chihuahua?
My chihuahua is also an outside dog, she does not come in the house, and also she’s a chihuahua so she shivers pretty much all the time even if it’s hot out.

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Answer by Taliesan
If your dog shivers, its too cold. Generally, in the house she’ll be fine as long as its reasonably heated, if you go out its best to get a jacket for her.

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  1. Laura Tracy Brandon says:

    Well its very simple,We are cold when its 50 outside.We must expect that our 6pound dog will be too cold.We need to put something warm on them.

  2. Anything below 60 can be too cold for the chihuahua.

  3. New York Diva says:

    Chihuahuas usually don't do well in cold weather and that's why many people buy clothes for their chihuahuas. My chihuahua needs to wear her clothes in winter. Otherwise, she gets really cold and gets sick sometimes. I usually buy her clothes from this seller on Amazon:

    Really high quality clothing for very reasonable prices. I recommend that you get some clothes for your doggie as well. Winter in northern California is too cold for chihuahuas!

  4. If shes only two lbs then you need to get a coat for her no matter what chihuahuas are little delicate dogs and are easy to lose so even if you think oh its just chilly its 50 degrees your wrong! if you weigh 100 lbs you weigh 50 times more than her!! she might have fur but just a little coat. And small twig like legs. My answer is yes you DO need to get a coat for her.
    thanks, hihihi

  5. jodycendach says:

    dont let it out for more then 5 min if its below 0.

  6. a chihuahua can stand about 75 degrees.I have a long hair chihuahua that stands about 60 degrees if you have a short haired chihuahua it would be about 75 degrees

  7. ILoveChihuahuas<3 says:

    if she shivers, put a little t shirt on her

  8. It depends on the chihuaha and the climate it's normally used to.

    Taliesan is right if it shivers the chihuahua is too cold. I live in upstate NY and my ma has a little chihuahua (4lbs) . When it's too cold out she just puts a good wool sweater or a doggy jacket on him if he has to go out to pee.

  9. Jackie♥ says:

    those things are two scrawny to even survive below 70.
    But im not the professor of chiwawas.

  10. Anna'n'Chi says:

    I live in Alberta, Canada, in a town where its snows tons and its not unusual for it to hit minus 40.
    My chihuahua will still cry at the door to go out for a pee when its minus 25. He runs outside, does his thing, and comes right back in. I guess really it depends on your dog. My chihuahua is male and is about 5 pounds.

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