What is the temperature tolerance for a beagle dog?

Kidsnpets: What is the temperature tolerance for a beagle?
I know most dogs don't like extremes, but I don't know at what point my beagle will get cold, or at what point she may need a jacket outdoors.

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Answer by juliesummers2008
I have a 13 year old Beagle and we live in a cold climate. She can tolerate walks up to -15C for her feet. I dont think her body gets cold. But I do know she picks her feet up when its colder than -15C.

Answer by dmwtbuzz

If you live in a climate that is not hot and gets a good winter then a beagle is for you. Beagles have problems with hip dysplacia. Mine was 5 years old and I raise from a puppy. He was the greatest dog. Great with strangers. We went climbing this mountain and he beat us to the top. He reached 5 and then start having problems. It was the saddest day in my life when he died at age 5. Poor thing could hardly walk. The operation would be very very expensive and long recoup time. We had to put him down. I cried for months after that. It was so tramatic. I found out his problems was climate related. Good Luck

Answer by TwistedxKiss

I doubt she needs a jacket at all. She doesn't need to be playing out in the snow for more than a few minutes if at all, and a jacket will be uncomfortable for walking. You will be able to tell if she is too cold and then can get a sweater if you like. My dog won't go outside if it's below freezing, even if we carry him out and PUT him outside, he will just stand there and shake and wont pee until we bring him back in the house. (*slaps forehead*) So he has a sweater because he's obviously unhappy with the cold. You'll know if your dog is too cold, too. Just don't leave her unattended outside and she should be fine.

Answer by Christie


well my beagle is always hot. but when she goes outside in wether that is 60 or lower she will shiver so she wares a jacket. she is also only 4 months old.

Answer by Lord Percy Wooster

i find beagles like most dogs will burst into flames at above 300c

Answer by Chihuahua Addict R.I

If it's too cold for you, then it's too cold for him!


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  1. Accept Reality-face says

    It does *****NOT***** need a coat or shoes ....or jewelry or a PROM DRESS!!!
    45 BELOW might be a bit "nippy",above that is balmy!

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