What is the Nature of a Husky Samoyed Mix?

Timmy: What is the Nature of a Husky Samoyed Mix?
My sister just got a 8 week Husky Samoyed Mix. I was wondering what the general nature of these dogs were. My sister has three kids ranging from 1-7 years old. Are they kid friendly? Do they enjoy the snow?

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Answer by mrlucky
both breeds are runners
super friendly and kid-safe
but loyal only to the call of the wild
if she doesn't have the land for it to roam
it will likely dissappear
(sorry to say - but my family lost two when i was young)

Answer by nessa

Hi! I have had a Siberian Husky (my baby, who recently passed at 14 1/2 … I miss him so much). I recently adopted an all white Husky/Samoyed mix who is absolutely beautiful and loving as well (just as Joell said above). From my experience, both of these breeds are very similar and are wonderful with kids. I will confirm that they do love to run and explore, and anytime either of mine have gotten away I've had to go searching because I agree that they will never come back. Either they will get too far and just keep exploring, or someone will take them because they are so beautiful. The microchip is the way to go!

Anyway, going back to your original question… their nature is wonderful. They are very sweet and loving – i know both of mine adore children. They may attack them, … but with kisses :) My husky always loved to sniff babies, and would gently lick the baby's toes if they were within reach. My sister's Husky would circle my niece's crib as a baby during thunderstorms because she was so worried about her…. Although for the most part – as someone else said above, they are not guard dogs. I only remember a few occasions when my dog was ever "not friendly" to someone. Usually all he did then was turn his back to them or ignore them, rather than bark or growl. Once when someone uninvited came into my house, however, he did bark and growl and would not let that person much past the front door.

In my opinion, with most dogs, especially smart dogs like husky's & samoyed's or a mix of the two, if you treat them with love and respect, you will get that love and respect back in multiples. They are one of the biggest joys in my life. No joke.

Good luck! and I wouldnt worry about the safety of the children if that's what your original concern was. They are gentle, loving dogs who love kids and love to play.

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  1. Monica says

    Hi I'm thinking adopting a husky cross samoyed, I wanted to know what's their temperament like? Are they as bad as people say? Someone told me to either get a pure husky or malamute but not a husky cross samoyed. Can you please help? Oh we will adopt from 8 weeks

  2. Mrs M says

    Contrary to popular belief Huskies do not need large acres of land to roam on, or do they need snow and cool weather to survive.
    Huskies are extremely active dogs, and need a lot of attention and exercise. They were bred to run and pull. Since your sister has kids I would suggest, when the dog gets a little older, hitching the dog up to a wagon so he can pull the kids. This is great work for the dog and the kids will love it!
    Huskies are naturally very curious and enjoy getting into things. They are extremely smart and very stubborn. They will learn to open doors, gates, you name it. They must be leashed at all times, they cannot be trusted off leash. Unless of course they are kept within a tall privacy fence. They can climb chain link fences.
    They are natural wanderers and will bolt at a glimpse of freedom. They have no sense of direction and will more than likely not come back on their own. Thankfully we have gotten mine back every time he has escaped. I would suggest a good collar with proper tags, or even a microchip.
    Huskies are generally very good with children. Since your sister has a puppy, this is even better. The pup will be raised around children so she should never have a problem. Adult Sibes can be intimidating to smaller children simply because of their size and excitable nature. I have never had a problem with my Sibe around kids, he is very loving and sweet.
    Siberians are known for a higher prey drive and some cannot be kept around cats, rabbits, or other small animals. A puppy is great because if they are raised around small animals they usually get along just fine. Mine loves his two cats.
    They LOVE to dig. They will dig craters. This is usually pretty easily curbed though.
    They can be difficult to housetrain so start early and be consistent as well as very patient. Crate training is the best way. Most dogs love crates anyway. They are not cruel or inhumane. My Sibe LOVES his crate and goes in there to chill out or sleep.
    They have a tendency to take you for a walk instead of the other way around. Use a anti-pull harness. It has been the best $ 10 I've ever spent. It works like a charm!
    They shed a lot so beware! A good vacuum and lint roller will be your sisters best friend in days ahead. They shed all year around and blow their coat about twice a year. These breeds have what is called a double coat. While blowing the hair will literally come out in chunks. Good grooming will help tremendously. Get a shedding blade and an undercoat rake. Normal brushes will not work.
    They are very clean and do not have the typical doggie smell. They groom themselves meticulously. You will never have to trim their coat. The only exception is the hair between their toes and this is only done when showing the dogs. Never ever shave this breed. Their double coat protects them from the heat and the cold. Shaving them will cause sunburn and/or heat stroke.
    They can adapt to warmer climates just fine. They love snow but do not have to live in it.
    They also do fine in apartments or small houses, so long as they are properly exercised.
    This breed makes a great pet. They do have quirky behaviours though, which is why you find a lot of them in shelters.
    Also, I will add that they are no guard dogs. They are friendly to everyone! They do not usually bark, but do howl and woo. This is completely normal.
    If you have any other questions feel free to email me. I'm always happy to help out other Husky owners! Or potential ones. Also feel free to look at my previous answers. I've answered a LOT of questions on Siberians.

    • Joell Miller says

      hello, Mrs. M! My name is Joell. I live in West Palm Beach, FL and just recently adopted an all white Husky/Samoyed mix. He's BEAUTIFUL and LOVING. I enjoy his company and just today discovered that i should run with him. He seems to have enjoyed it(no worries, i didnt deprive him of exercise. i have a gated courtyard, a pool, and a big neighborhood right on the ocean for him to play around with me, even though my apartment is small) but a gentlemen approached me tonight, commenting on my dogs beauty, but seemed disappointed that my dog was living in South Florida. He stressed it on me that it's not good for him to be in the heat like this & that he was overweight(my dog REALLY doesnt seem overweight AT ALL, though- not the least bit) but the gentlemen said that he's from Canada and he's been around most dog breeds all of his life, so his opinion should be taken into consideration. What type of food do you recommend that my dog should eat? I'm trying to considerr that since he's still new to my home that he's kinda rejecting food(only dry dogfood though) so i spent almost $20 on 12 cans of wetfood (Purina One)

      Was that a bad choice??? I dont want my dog to have diet problems as he ages(he's only a year and a half old!)

      Your input would be much appreciated! thank you!

  3. Vicky L says

    Both dogs are from the "spitz" species of canine which means that they thrive in cooler weather, but will survive in a climate such as the Midwest -- I would not suggest them for the Southern states or the desert Southwest, however. Husky's like to dig and both breeds like to run. Be sure to keep it on a leash when walking it and a fenced yard is a MUST. Both breeds are very kid friendly and generally not aggressive. Should be an excellent family pet!

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