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I have a puppy and everyone thinks he is a bull mastiff but I think he is an english mastiff but I don’t know the difference. Does anybody know what the difference is?

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Answer by Bells :
There is a Mastiff and a Bull mastiff….you can google both breeds and read about the differences

As for your puppy…..do you have papers? If not, its anyone’s guess

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  1. JenVT says

    they are very similar in coloring. bullmastiffs mature out much smaller than mastiffs but if the pup is very young it might be hard to tell.

  2. moof says

    Well, they do look similar, but you can almost always tell them apart. The only way to really confuse them is if they're really, really poorly-bred, in which case they might deviate so far from the standard as to look more like the other breed. So, for my answer, assume that I'm just talking about individuals that do adhere to the standards.

    – Mastiffs are leggier. The Bullmastiff has shorter legs; he looks more squat and compact. Male Mastiffs are usually a minimum of 30 inches tall at the shoulder; male Bullmastiffs are usually 25-27 inches tall at the shoulder. That's a pretty big difference.
    – Bullmastiffs are more brachycephalic, meaning, basically, that their muzzles are shorter. Remember how smoosh-faced Bulldogs are; being 40% Bulldog, Bullmastiffs do have shorter muzzles that Mastiffs.
    – Bullmastiffs generally have smaller ears than Mastiffs. Mastiffs have big drop ears; Bullmastiffs' ears are often short enough that they kind of stick out a little, kind of like a Bulldog's.
    – Both breeds can have under bites, but undershot jaws are much are common in Bullmastiffs.
    – Weight. Male Mastiffs are usually at least 170 pounds, and it's perfectly normal for them to be as heavy as 230 pounds. (Heavier is possible, but definitely not common.) On the other hand, male Bullmastiffs are usually 110-130 pounds.
    – Mastiffs may have looser jowls than Bullmastiffs. Both have loose jowls, obviously, but Mastiffs can have really wide, hanging ones whereas Bullmastiffs' jowls are usually kind of more moderate.
    – Mastiffs must have black masks. Many Bullmastiffs do, but from what I can tell, it is not required, and some Bullmastiffs lack black masks.
    – Some Mastiffs are more tight-skinned and some Bullmastiffs have looser skin, but most Mastiffs have pretty loose skin with lots of wrinkles. They look flabbier than Bullmastiffs usually do.

    PICTURES OF BULLMASTIFFS: http://www.puppyparadise.com/images/Breeds/bullmahttp://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images15/Bullmastiff1http://dogsranch.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/whttp://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images16/BullmastiffShttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6

    PICTURES OF MASTIFFS: http://images03.olx.in/ui/1/28/44/5292444_1.jpg http://animal-world.com/dogs/Working-Dog-Breeds/ihttp://www.europuppyusa.com/images/dog_breed_infohttp://www.molepharmer.com/mastiff/color/B_apricohttp://www.dogsindia.com/images/english_mastiff_f

    Since you're dealing with a puppy, then it might be tough to tell which he is right now. The puppies do often look a lot alike. It should become more apparent in no time, though, considering how quickly both breeds grow. Some of the more obvious general differences to look for include weight, height, muzzle length and ear size.

    Then, of course, there are some temperamental differences, but those won't help you determine whether he's a Mastiff or Bullmastiff since the temperaments can be quite similar, and all dogs have individual temperaments anyway.

  3. Steffenie Conway says

    Physically: The Bull mastiff's shorter, more compact, more
    muscular look, shorter muzzle and higher energy level

    Mentally: Mastiffs have a mellower, more relaxed temperament, compared to
    the pushier, more active temperament of the typical Bull mastiff.

    The Mastiff's forehead should be slightly curved and the indentation between the eyes is well marked but not too abrupt while the Bullmastiff's forehead should be flat and the indention moderate.

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