What is the Difference Between a Dachshund and a Doxie?

Libby D: What Is The Difference Between A Dachshund And A Doxie?
I was thinking about getting a double-dapple Doxie but when I found pictures of Dachshunds, I got confused about the difference. They look pretty much the same but some have long hair and some have short hair. The colors are also all different. Could someone give me information on both these breeds? I also asked about dog coat colors in another question but it didn't get posted on here so PLEASE answer it! Thanks. Libby.

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Answer by Elena
There is no difference. 'Doxie' is just a nickname for the Dachshund. There are a few different colours that the Dachshund can come in and there are three types of Dachshund; long hair, wire hair and short haired. The smaller ones you see are called 'Miniature' Dachshunds, the bigger ones are Standard sized Dachshunds. Just like others say "Yorkie" when talking about the Yorkshire Terrier, "Sheltie" when talking about the Shetland Sheepdog or "Husky" when they're talking about the Siberian Husky. Go to http://www.dogbreedinfo.com and research the Dachshund. When you decide that it's the best breed for your lifestyle, go and adopt one from http://www.petfinder.com/index.html .

Answer by eggie.

Doxies are the nicknames of Dachshunds…it can get pretty confusing if you're new to the different breeds. Most breeds will have a nickname for them – it just makes it easier to spell for us lazies! :]

Dachshunds have three distinct coats. The most common is the short haired [very short, flat, shiny, and close to the body], long haired [long and silky], and wirehaired [which is like it's name - very coarse and wire-y]. Within those three categories are different coat colors that can be found.

Go here for info about coat colors on Dachshunds, I found this website helpful.

Answer by 20224_RenaissanceSum

No difference. Dachshunds and Doxies are the same breed of dog–Doxie is just an abbreviation some people say instead of Dachshund, rather like people say "Yorkie" for Yorkshire Terriers, or "Chi" for Chihuahua. As for the differences you noticed in their coats' appearances, Dachshund come in three coat types: smooth, wire (which are somewhat uncommon in the U.S.), and long-haired. But beneaththeir outward appearances, all are the same dog.

By the way, there are also miniature Dachshunds, which have all the same info as above.

Answer by SureKat

They are the same breed. I have a Shetland Sheepdog also called a Sheltie same breed of dog. There are three coat types of Dachshunds, Smooth Coat, Wirehair and Longhair. There are many colors as well. Also they come in two sizes Miniature Dachshunds are no more than 11 pounds full grown and then there is the Standard Dachshund 16 to 32 pounds. Hope this helps you out;^)

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  1. renodogmom says

    Spelling. :-)
    Seriously, it is just a nickname for Dacshund. there are several varieties of Doxies, though. Standard size, miniature, wire hair, etc.

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