What is the best way to train a weimaraner dog in the home?

timmy c: what is the best way to train a weimaraner in the home?
should he always be wearing a prong collar and tag leash?

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Answer by oceanstide85
NEVER use a prong collar with a dog. They are safer than choke collars, but still cause damage and undue stress to the trachea. Use a head collar or harness instead while training. Always keep your dog on a short leash during training sessions, to establish control and boundary. For more training advice, I recommend going to your nearest PetsMart and talking to the trainer. (they have an excellent training program and superb trainers) You are going to get tons of different advice from not very qualified people on the internet. Good luck!

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  1. JadeOrchid says

    I agree with the last answer…never a prong collar unless all other attempts to train you animal have failed! That includes classes and one on one trainers and even then you should let them decide. If they use a prong collar first out find a different trainer! Those collars can be cruel and can cause serious injury to your pet! I just can't stress this enough…Now a choke collar is bad yes, but not if you buy the nylon cord version that doesn't grab. It's the only kind I use and i use the nylon kind for all dogs i train. They were made for long haired dogs but work excellently for all dogs. They can be left on with a collar and only used in short tugs to teach your pet, never a hard pull. Once you have him trained you should be able to take it off unless the pet has relapses. He will respond to a regular collar like he did the nylon choke collar. And pets mart does have good advice if you have one in the area

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