What is the best stuff to clean bloodhound dog’s ears?

jerry n: I have a bloodhound. What is the best stuff to clean his ears with on a regular basic?

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Answer by Pom Lady
mineral oil.

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  1. Janice C says

    I have a golden retriever and have had alot of luck keeping him ear infection free. I use Maleseb ear wash. I put a good squirt in each ear once a week or after swimming. It has worked out well.

  2. Patrick B says

    Try epi-otic from virbac. Your vet should be able to get you a sample. We use it on our 2 English Bulldogs and it works really well.

  3. QueenBee says

    Mineral Oil and a q-tip

    DO NOT STICK THE Q-TIP TOO FAR IN. Only clean what you can see. If you want it cleaned past that take him to a perfessional.
    You don't always have to use mineral oil, usually the dirt comes out with out it. If it is tough dirt use mineral oil. NEVER USE WATER IN HIS EARS

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