What is the best shampoo and conditioner for my Shih Tzu dog?

cowboy_fan: What is the best shampoo and conditioner for my Shih Tzu if I want to keep her hair long and silky?
I would also like to know the best brush to use and how to brush her. I've had a Shih Tzu before but I kept her hair really short. I wanted to try something different with my new shih tzu. Please give me specific brands and websites/stores to purchase them at.

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Answer by texjeff111

Check with a good groomer. I have 3 long haired shih tzus and their hair is beautiful. They go to the groomer ever 2 weeks. I leave the shampoo up to her. She used to show dogs herself at Westminster and grooms a lot of long haired dogs. I applaud you for putting in the effort to keep your dogs hair long. Shih tzus are absoultely beautiful when they have long hair. (Photo Credit: SowersPics/Flickr )

Answer by SureKat

You might like this it's very good Shih Tzu Coat Care Grooming Kit FREE BONUS :)
All the best.

Answer by borderbethie

I like Coat Handler products. You have to buy them through a groomers website or catalog. JB Pets, Cherrybrook, The Dog Outfitters are a few sites that will carry most or all of these products. A poodle breeder that I groomed for used a conditioner called Wu-Pi that was very good. My favorite brushes were Les Pooch-very expensive. For a Shih-Tzu I would use the small yellow brush. Also have a small fine pin brush and a greyhound comb. Best way to brush is lay the dog on its side, brush the hair backward then starting at the feet, brush a little down at a time-like a part to the skin..then work your way up the leg (this is called line brushing). Once you brush the whole dog like this then do the same by combing.

Answer by Joni Grace

Coat Handler premium 5 to 1 maintenance shampoo is a hypoallergenic formula designed for sensitive skin, allergies, itching, dandruff, and more. Contains no oils, lanolin, silicone, glycerin wax, jojoba or aloe that can clog pores and attract dirt. I use this on my Havanese dogs along with coat handler conditioner. It is a gentle mild shampoo. I wash my dogs every 3 weeks or less. This shampoo is gentle enough for every week of washing. I love how soft and manageble their coats are after a bath. The smell is not too strong or too perfumed. I have 5 Havanese, and I've given this the full test. I highly recommend it.

You can get Coat Handler products on Amazon now  http://amzn.to/1I1XGM3

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