What is the best method to potty train a chihuahua?

nina: What is the best method to use when potty training a chihuahua?

I can't seem to potty train my three month old chihuahua. I have tried spanking, scolding, putting him outside, but he doesn't seem to get it. Does anyone have the answer?

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Answer by sinfully sweet

my friend had a chihuahua and trained it to go in a litter box ! he said he used some scent you can get from the pet store to make them want to go, but also after the dog eats put it outside or in the box until it goes, praise it, etc. also he said you could use some of those wee-wee pads then gradually move them outside or in near then in the box then remove them and the dog will go then. good luck, chi's are great little dogs, if i didn't have to travel so much i would get one.

Answer by meeeeee

Good lord….I do hope you are kidding when you say spanking and scolding?

Those type of 'nethods' are extremely 'old school' and are very, very discouraged now by vets and breeders alike.

It is NOT the way to go….not only does it confuse and frighten the poor dog, but they will not go to the toilet infront of you anymore. They will also hesitate in general when going to the toilet, as they are afraid.

There are many other, far 'better' methods of toilet training your chihuahua.
Many have been mentioned.

Personally, I watched where my chihuahua would go to the toilet for about the 1st week when we had her.
There were a few places where she would go back to when she needed to pee or poop.
I placed about 2 sheets of newspaper in these areas, and she went back to only these places, all on her own, and went to the toilet there.
Slowly, I removed some of the newspaper, until the only bit left was in the laundry in this 'around the corner' place.
She started going to only that one place for the toilet.
ive since replaced the newspaper with a small try, which has absorbant (both texture and SMELL) litter inside it.
So all I do is take out the tray at the end of each day, lift up the top layer which contains the litter and pee and poop, rinse it off and put on another small layer of litter.
Takes about 2 mins….and there is no mess or smell at all.

But having said that, I know I have been incredibly lucky as many people struggle.
I suppose it really comes down to your own individual dog and what they best repsond to.

For interest purposes….
I got my little chihuahua when she was approx 8 weeks old.
It took about 2 1/2 weeks for her to become used to the laundry space for toileting.
She is now about 16 weeks old.

Answer by Lisa Schrimsher

what kind of tray did you use?

Answer by nibblersMOM

I also have a 3month old chihuahua and am in the process of potty training him. I was using puppy pads and taking him outside ever 2 hours or so…. but my dog hates hates hates pooping outside. he dosnt mind peeing. I got him going on the potty pads ok but then decided to try to potty patch you see on just seen on t.v.i then placed it in the same spot as the puppy pad and put a puppy pad under the grass to give off a simaler smell and it works. he uses that and not the floor now. but the only problem is that i keep it in the bathroom and my dog cant find it if he's out on the livingroom floor. any ideas as to show him where to go when he needs to pee or poo? I keep telling him no when he goes on the carpet and taking him strait to the potty patch but he dosnt know where to find it or just goes on the floor cuz it's closer. idk. help

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  1. Diane says

    I have raised three Chis from pups and house trained all of them with no litter, no pee pads, just taking the time to see that they went outside very often and being persistent in their training. The keys are patience and persistence and it doesn't happen overnight. About 8 months they were fully trained.

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