What is the best natural guard dog? Is there any better breed than a fila or ovcharka?

INDI: What is the best natural guard dog? Is there any better breed than a fila or ovcharka?
What is the best guard dog in the world? Take into account Natural guard dog that does not require extra training. I have researched the subject somewhat and from what i have read its likely a Fila or a caucasian ovcharka. Does anyone know a breed better as the job than these 2 dogs?

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Answer by Towlie
german shepard

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  1. Chris says

    German shepherds are among the top of "natural" guard dogs. They were bred to both herd sheep, and also guard them from predators like wolves and Lynx. They are the top pick for both police and Military as aside from their "natural" protectiveness, they are the most well rounded dog in the world combining power, speed, agility, endurance, loyalty, bravery, drive, and the ranking of 3rd most intelligent dog in the world! That said; make sure you get a straight back working line German shepherd, and stay away from the sloped back showline version! I have a female working line German shepherd, she was never protection trained, but yet.. she will not let anyone in the house without my approval, and will bite if they try. Also, we tested her by doing a simulated mugging, and she attacked immediately! That is a natural guard dog!

  2. says

    fila brasiliero and caucasian ovtcharkas are in different league of guarding instinct. These dogs shouldnt be own unless you need 24/7 protection.

    But the question is which is better fila or CO. Personally CO. They are huge advantage to take down easily. CO is better fighter against aggressive stray dogs and wild wolf. They have natural mane line fur protecting their neck.

    For average owners please try with german shepherd, rotweiler and doberman.

  3. shwetabh says

    i own a german shepherd and he is very loyal they are one of the best guard ialso have a boerboel but they are slow in attacking and gsd is more intelligent

  4. jordan says

    ANATOLIAN SHEPARD is the best guard dog. they are bred to be very protective and are very loyal to you. I have one and it is such a nice dog to have around but is very very protective to you and if you have animals like cats. if you ever want a guard dog you should really consider one of them! :)

  5. David J says

    I own a Fila, and he's good and with no guard training, I don't know personally about the Ovcharka, but i have read some good reports. !!!

  6. Shanna says

    I would rate the Boerboel up there with the Fila. Most dogs just don't have the protective instinct that these breeds have.
    German Shepherds, Rotties, Pits, etc. are great protectors but not to the level of the Fila or the Boerboel.

  7. Nicholas Namefield says

    Chow. Chow's were bred to be guard dogs. They have black tongues and the whites of their eyes are mostly obscured because they have large irises so you can't see them at night. Chows don't bark so they can't give themselves away either. Additionally, Chows will only bond to one person, making them fiercely loyal and not good around children.

  8. naturegirlhd says

    I have 3 shar-pei's and I dare anyone to step into my house uninvited. They are harmless unless we are home or they are out with one of us alone. There great friends also.

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