What is the best dog food for a pomeranian to prevent stinking?

pom lover: What is the best dog food for a pomeranian, so he doesnt stink?
I just bought a pomeranian not too long ago, he is 4 months old, but no matter what i do, bathing and sprayin him with dog perfume, he still stinks. ive been told it could be his food and to find a better shampoo or wash him with Dawn, what food is the best to use?

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Answer by Nichole and Randy Cline
Look and see if there is fish meal in the ingredients of your dog food. It can make your dogs waste and skin give off a “fishy, musky” odor.

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  1. Cindy says

    Go with organic food and stay away from fish! My pins will have odor from fish based food! And NO dawn… And only use puppy cologne! Perfumes are too strong for them!!

  2. Lidi lu says

    wellness just for puppy food

    its natural with no corn, by product (stinkers) and fillers

    5 star rated brand

    and after he turns one, switch to wellness small breed

    i have my dogs on wellness small breed n they love it n never looked better

    also….make sure that he isnt going outside and "bathing" in something outside

    my dog loves to do that….he even rolled all over a dead cat that we found the backyard….it was horrible

    but ya, good luck!

    wellnesspetfood.com use site for more info and store locater
    also. if u join the mailing club, they send out coupons every month

  3. rmbrruffian says

    I would take this puppy to the vet. There may be a reason why the puppy smells.
    However, bathing and spraying him with perfume is not the answer. Puppies and dogs have odors. So do humans. If your vet says that the puppy does not have some condition that is making it smell, you may be over sensitive.
    Do NOT wash the puppy with Dawn. It is too harsh for his skin. And constant bathing will also make a dog smell worse because you are removing the protective sebaceous oils from the skin and fur.
    At 4 months old, it is time for his rabies vaccination anyway. When you take him in for his vaccine, ask the vet about the smell.

  4. Ps. I love you says

    Poms have an oily coat. No amount of brushing or bathroom will rememdy the odor. But you can improve his coat and overall his health by food. Royal Canine dog food is expensive, but great food. This food is breed specific so it is formulated for your breed of dog. My shih tzus had bad allergies. We had them on EVERYTHING: Purina, Eukanuba, Nutro–everything. We switched to royal canine and they are doing great!

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