What is the best dog food brand for a giant breed like a Saint Bernard?

Millie: What is the best brand/type of dog food for a giant breed like a Saint Bernard?
I am working on adopting an adult (3 years old) Saint from someone, and I was just wondering what is the best type of dog kibble to feed a Saint Bernard? I would like to be able to buy as much at one time as possible to keep monthly costs down, but I've got financial room to work with to make sure he gets the best food for him that I can reasonably afford.
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Answer by ladystang
blue buffalo

Answer by Pennye

I have a Mastiff which also part of the giant breed family and I have found the best food for him is white rice, chicken, beef, oats, eggs, cream cheese, green beans. These were all suggested to me by my vet. This is the best food for them and cuts down on gas. Excessive gas in giant breed dogs can be dangerous as it causes the often fatal condition bloat. Also, when you are preparing the food for them yourself, you don't have to worry about recalls on foods that have been contaminated. You will also find the foods you buy and prepare yourself are way cheaper and you actually feed them less because the combination of foods you give them supplies them with all the calories they need in a smaller amount of food. For instance, 1 cup of cooked rice, one chicken breast diced, and 1 cup of oats is one of the typical meals I feed my Mastiff and he gets around 900 calories in a smaller amount of food which is also good for him. He gets this or a similar meal 3 times a day. It's definitely a learning process but definitely worth it. I will personally never do kibble again.

Answer by Gibson Smith
I second Blue Buffalo’s brand of dog food. I always recommend it to my friends and feed it to my dogs.

Answer by doglover
I feed my Saints NutriSource Large Breed right now and they are doing great on it!
My 2 year old male Rudy has issues, and the NutriSource is the only kibble he can  easily digest, without diarrhea & gas!
My others have done well with Taste of the Wild & Canidae. Just make sure the kibble is formulated for large/giant breeds. Also, Eagle Pac has a good giant breed kibble.
Most important, make sure he gets MSM, Glucosamine, and Fish Oil supplements daily for joint & muscle health! If you buy your kibble in large quantities make sure you store in a cool, DRY airtight containers. Good Luck with your Saint, they are the best dogs!!!
Please make sure that you find a vet that has experience with giant breed dogs, very important!!

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  1. Juliana says

    to tell diamond is not so good for saint bernards use eagle pack holistic veteterians recommended it to me and my dog is a king i which i could send you a picture of him to give you proof weel hope you like that type of food

  2. Nedra E says

    I do partial raw. I feed raw and/or homemade dog food for breakfast and Diamond Naturals kibble for supper. In the sites that review all dogfoods, I can't afford the ones that have the highest ratings, but Diamond Naturals rates well enough and many great pyrenees owners swear by it. Give it a tray. -!-

  3. BorinquenQuerida says

    the best dog food everrr
    is called timberwolf.
    but you have to buy it online..
    and its like $ 80 a bag..

    if not i recommend Blue Buffalo Life or Blue Buffalo Wilderness
    You can buy them at Petsmart

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