What is Dogue De Bordeaux Temperments?

Ang: Dogue De Bordeaux Temperments?
Hello all, I'm doing some research for my future dog... drove five hours to visit some Irish wolfhounds at a gathering this weekend (found they aren't the dog for me) Glad I went and found it out though. I thought I wanted another Beauceron (which we have now), but I'd like a dog that's a little better around people other than our immediate family, one I don't have to "worry about" at family get togethers at the pond... thought about a Briard (but that's basically a Beauceron). I'm looking at DDB's and I see that their temperament says that they aren't aggressive. If I do a great job socializing (which won't be a problem) Do you think they would be a great dog... around un threatening strangers and things like that? I don't like that we have to leave our guy at home because he's extremely protective and wary of people.. (he's gotten worse with age). We can't "read" him anymore.
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I won't get a Great Dane, I won't get a wolfhound, they aren't exactly the healthist dogs in the world.. Newfoundlands aren't very heathy either and Labs well I'm not even going to go there. I don't agree with many things that the AKC has done to dogs... those three breeds are on the verge of being ruined...sorry that's my personal opinion.

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Answer by Suzanne
those are beautiful dogs, but don't know much about them.. I found this online:
n a well bred DDB, the most common word you will hear to describe the temperament is "balanced". The French Mastiff is a devoted family dog who is extremely affectionate. Very adaptable with a high stimulus threshold, the Dogue de Bordeaux is sweet and even tempered. It is important to socialize your DDB early on as they can become aggressive with other animals and reserved with strangers if not properly trained. A thoroughly socialized DDB is well behaved with children, puppies, and even strangers. Playfulness is another hallmark of this breed. DO be prepared to have a house full of re-arranged furniture if you own more than one! Despite this calm tranquil disposition, Dogue's make excellent patrol dogs due to their territorial nature. They are very attuned to their environment and respond to a threat instinctively. They are the very symbol of loyalty and courage.

Answer by Rachel-Pit Police-DS

DDB are great gardians and can be pretty protective of their families and cautious around strangers. Obviously, socialization is key, but if you're looking for a happy-go-lucky breed, I'd look at something else.
With the dog at home having become cautious and wary, I think he needs to be the main focus for now, no offense intended. The fact that you can no longer read him concerns me. It might not be the right time to add to the family.

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