July 23, 2014

What is Caucasian Ovcharka weight?

Question by Ben: Caucasian Ovcharka weight?
How heavy are the Garban (gorban) variant of Caucasian Ovcharka, usually?

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Answer by Jhay Chiong
Just look at him. He should have the hourglass figure of a swimsuit model. When you look down at him, you should see a waist, not a block of dog. Put your hands on him. You should be able to feel the ribs easily beneath a layer of muscle and fat. No ribs? He’s too fat.


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  1. Rotten Rotts says:

    My little Gandolf was weighing in at 205, but with lots of swimming he is now 192. He is such a great dog, I had never thought about having one until I fostered then adopted him.

  2. Angel Barbie says:
  3. weight will depend on skeletal structure, muscle (which is hormonal and genetic factors) and fat %

    your dog should have easily felt ribs, good muscle coverage and no protruding spine/hips. Weight can be deceptive, go by touch before pounds

  4. Peter Griffin says:

    100-160 depending on the type. not sure about Gorban variant, but probably 130lbs. 25-29inches at the withers as well.

    (Good job, most people dont know what a Caucasian Ovcharka is!)

  5. 100-130 pounds

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