What is Caucasian Ovcharka weight?

Ben: Caucasian Ovcharka weight?
How heavy are the Garban (gorban) variant of Caucasian Ovcharka, usually?

Caucasian ovcharka puppy photo

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Answer by Rotten Rotts

My little Gandolf was weighing in at 205, but with lots of swimming he is now 192. He is such a great dog, I had never thought about having one until I fostered then adopted him.

Answer by Angel Barbie

45 – 70 KG
99 – 152 lb

Answer by Art Fl

Males: Minimum: 110 pounds (50 kg);
Females: Minimum: 99 pounds (45 kg).


Answer by Jhay Chiong
Just look at him. He should have the hourglass figure of a swimsuit model. When you look down at him, you should see a waist, not a block of dog. Put your hands on him. You should be able to feel the ribs easily beneath a layer of muscle and fat. No ribs? He's too fat.

Answer by inline_k9

weight will depend on skeletal structure, muscle (which is hormonal and genetic factors) and fat %

your dog should have easily felt ribs, good muscle coverage and no protruding spine/hips. Weight can be deceptive, go by touch before pounds

Answer by Peter Griffin

100-160 depending on the type. not sure about Gorban variant, but probably 130lbs. 25-29inches at the withers as well.

(Good job, most people dont know what a Caucasian Ovcharka is!)

Answer by jess

100-130 pounds

Answer by COlover

Evaluate your dog using the following process (http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-evaluate-your-dogs-weight.html):

First, look at your dog from the side. Your dog’s tummy needs to tuck up from her chest and not be level with or hang below her chest. Usually, if you can easily see a dog’s ribs, it’s probably underweight. But breeds like Caucasian Ovcharka have heavy coats so you won’t see the ribs even even if your dog is underweight.

Now look at your dog from above. As you stand over your CO and look down, your dog needs to have a visibly tucked-in waist, but its hipbones shouldn’t protrude too severely. If your dog looks like a barrel, a sausage, or a ball with legs, it’s overweight. If its hips protrude sharply, it’s underweight. If it has a nice curve inward at the waist, it’s at a good weight.

Finally, feel your dog’s sides for the ribs. This test is especially important for your Caucasian Ovcharka whose fur often conceals weight issues. If you can feel no evidence that your dog possesses a rib cage, it’s probably overweight. If you can feel the ribs but they have a slight padding, like a light blanket over them, then your dog may be just right. If the ribs are obvious and feel like they’re covered with only the thinnest layer of skin, your dog may be underweight.

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