What is better Royal Canine or Purina Pro Plan dog food?

ASM: What dog food is better - Royal Canine or Purina Pro Plan?
I am an American living in Rome, Italy and wanted to know which food is better. I have a 6 month old French Bulldog and his breeder gave him Royal Canine but I switched to Purina Pro Plan when he was 5 months old because he seemed to prefer it more. I am contemplating on switching back to Royal Canine...
Let me know what your opinions are. Thanks!

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Answer by L J
Both are high quality brands so whichever you choose, you would be providing your dog with optimum nutrition.
However, I prefer Royal Canine, they have an excellent reputation, they recieve positive comments about the product where I work and they provide quality ingredients and nutrition. They also have a wide range so you can choose a food that will be specific to the needs, weight and even breed of your dog.

Answer by Anonymous

Both are actually pretty low quality dog foods. Royal Canine is a little bit better than Pro Plan, but is WAY overpriced, considering the fact that there are cheaper dog foods out there, that are A LOT higher quality!
These are all very good dog foods:
California Natural
Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul
Blue Buffalo
Solid Gold
Eagle Pack Holistic
Nature's Variety
Taste of the Wild

Try to avoid brands like: IAMS, Pedigree, Purina (One and Pro Plan), Beneful, Ol' Roy, Alpo, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Royal Canin, Goodlife Recipe, and Kibbles n' Bits; they are all full of fillers, such as corn and soy, which are NOT essential to your dog's nutritional needs.

Answer by Alba Mae Song
Royal Canin was fine for my Lab but I've heard some dogs with sensitive stomachs get sick from it. My dogs also eat science diet and Performa for puppies (which I don't know if you can get depending on where you live.) Royal Canin should be fine though. Try a little first and see if he's alright.

Answer by J.C.
Royal Canin is safe, but you can do better for your money. RC dry foods tend to be very high in corn, and their canned foods contain by-products. For the same price you can get foods free of corn and by-products. Check out foods like Wellness, Canidae, Blue Buffalo, Merick Before Grain, and EVO. Same price or less, but without the corn and by-products.

Answer by Animal LUVR
It depends on what kind of Pro Plan you are feeding them. Pro Plan Wellness Core is a 6 * dog food. So it is very good for them. Please check out the link I've included.

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