What is better an inside or an outside dog?

Capt. Jack Sparrow: Outside dog or inside dog?
Out of all the dogs you have seen which turn out to be the best dogs?
This is a question for someone with experience, not someone who is an anti inside or outside dog person...

I have seen MANY dogs and out of all the dogs I have seen the outside dogs seem to be the most well behaved and calm dogs compared to house dogs, IMO house dogs can get to be spoiled and snobby (no offense to people who have house dogs, not all are like this), but I have seen some great dogs that are retired outside dogs and are allowed inside in their old age, but for old dogs that have been inside dogs their whole lives they are still quite snobby...

I have outside dogs, a mutt and an aussie, the aussie comes inside at night and when its cold outside, she is my fathers dog and my father spoils her so she isn't as well behaved as I would like her to be. We have wine barrels on the porch as dog houses, they hold heat well and with them on the porch they stay dry, and we let the dogs in (including the mutt) at night so they can eat and sleep, then we put them out during the day, I would prefer them to be all outside dogs but my father will not let the aussie stay out in the cold (even though she has a warm dry bed and a winter coat)...

I am not anti inside dog, especially when it comes to small dogs, but from what I have seen outside dogs tend to be the best behaved dogs...
@bella blue - My dogs are a big part of my family, but they are not equal... My dogs are well taken care of, and are great dogs, my aussie was never a pain until she was allowed inside at night... I have heard some people call outside dogs "yard ornaments" but that is not what my dogs are, I spend all day with my dogs and are taken care of and exercised regularly... I will not treat my dogs as equals...
@σ¢тσвєя - those are the dogs that are not given any care or attention, I spend all day with my dogs and NEVER have had ONE hole dug into my yard...
@mrs.magadan:) - I do not give my dogs a choice to come inside, if its going to come in its going to be my choice, and they will have to sit and be calm for a few seconds before i let them in... I let my dogs outside whenever but if I tell them to go out and they don't budge they get a spanking, and after the first few spankings all it took was a serious look and they went straight outside...
@Hannah - like I said to "mrs.magadan:)" I do not give my dogs the choice... read what I said to her...
@•Poppy• 4 Days 'Til ND23! - I thing inside dogs tend to be more snobby because they feel equal with their owners... My dogs never EVER get to go on the carpet and they know it, they stay on their beds and occasionally get to go into the kitchen with permission, and my dogs know never to go but a few feet from their beds without permission...
@σ¢тσвєя - Most people in my area who own dogs are very experienced and train their dogs well, your area may be different, so our "in general" may be different...

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Answer by Precious Pets
I think either one is fine as long as they are taken care of properly and given enough love and attention.
I have done both and both the inside dogs and outside dogs were equally good dogs. Not snobby or anything.
It all depends on how the owner treat them.

Answer by bella blue
NO dog should have to live outside all the time. Why do you get a dog if you are going to lock it outside and not have it be a part of your family. I hope it bites you!!! Mean Mean lady

Answer by Caitlynn
My opinion is that it doesnt make a difference if the dog live in the inside, or out. Its the proper training, and socialization that the dog had when it was a puppy. All my dogs are inside, My one is very calm, and quite, and my other one is barky. and my newest one is quiet also. its just depends on the socialization, and sometimes the breed.

Answer by σ¢тσвєя
Outside dogs can also be badly behaved. They can get stressed out since they are outside by themselves, so they destroy things to try and get rid of their boredom. Some even dig holes to try and escape, and when they are let in the house, they get excited and accidentally mess up something inside the house. My dog is both an indoor and outdoor dog. She stays outside sometimes when I'm tired or not home, but spends a lot of time inside the house.

Edit: I know. I didn't say that's what your dogs do. I meant outside dogs in general.

Answer by Maryann
We have both inside and outside dogs, and our inside dogs are as well behaved as the outside dogs. Our outside dogs seem to be the untrained ones, more so than the inside ones. Training is important for both inside and outside dogs, it seems to keep a more even keel household.

Answer by mrs.magadan:)
I've had both and I've had dogs like yours (half inside half outside) My outside dogs became outside dogs out of choice! They'd constantly be at the door wanting out. But I've got a shepherd mix and a lab/dane mix right now and the lab wants no part of coming inside but the shepherd wants to go out to pee and straight back in. I think it all depends on the dog.

ADD: if i decided I wanted my shepherd out I'd put her out, I'm like you on my dogs are not equals. I just prefer her inside and wish my lab would want to be inside but he wants out.

Answer by Hannah
I have a golden who has been an inside dog her whole life. She is VERY well behaved! You should get a doggie-door so that your dog can go inside and outside as it wishes. This has worked well for me. I have 3 dogs myself (2 pugs and a golden); they play and chase birds in the summer and usually stay inside during winter (Unless its snowing, then they play in that). I also have a fenced in yard, I don't know if you do, but I would highly reccomend it. I only worry about outside dogs in the winter, but I'm from Washington State and we get cold winters most of the time.

I vote for Doggy-door! Its inside and outside. A win/win!

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  1. •Poppy• 4 Days 'Til ND23! says

    I've had more experience with outdoor dogs, as my family is more accepting of outdoor pets. I've had one indoor dog, in fact, and she -was- kind of a handful, but I honestly believe that had more to do with her general temperament than it did with the fact that she was indoors. I may have another indoor dog come summer, so I suppose we'll see.

    I will say that there are many outdoor dogs that are ill-behaved because interaction is limited and training can be neglected. It can happen to indoor dogs as well, but outdoor dogs are "out of sight, out of mind" and easier to neglect in that way. I don't imagine your dogs are neglected, and I know mine are not, but still.

    My friends have indoor dogs, and any issues they have are due to temperament issues and/or lack of proper training. Many indoor dogs I've known, though, are just as pleasant as my dogs are.

  2. Ashleigh Musig says

    My dog, Ruby, is an inside and outside dog. She has the option.

    I prefer bigger dogs over small dogs but that doesn't mean there much different. A dog is a dog, its not that they become snobby, its because the owner didn't use discipline.

    Most small dogs are yappy but so can big dogs. Its really up to you, because my dog, Ruby, Is spoilt but she is the sweetest girl in the world and is obedient. You just have to train them and any dog can be a good dog. Not just the term 'Inside' is better then 'Outside' Dog or vise versa.

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