July 24, 2014

What is a good name for a female English Mastiff dog?

Question by barrelracer1991: What is a good name for a female English Mastiff?
I need some name ideas for a female English Mastiff. Her coat is a golden color, with the typical black muzzle. She’s very sweet, is pretty laid back as far as energy goes, and she loves people. I was thinking about naming her Sasha, but I would like to see if people have other ideas, too.

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Answer by jojo
my friends dog is like that and her name is sasha
but i think lady is good or daisy

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  1. I think that Sasha is a pretty good name. I also like the names Georgia and Daisy. Hope this helps and good luck with your dog!:)

  2. Kizy

  3. Goldie
    or Sasha is a really cute name.

    • ian Chalmers says:

      sasha sucks.The most overused name ever.Also,it is the name of Obamas kid.Why would you name a dog by a name that an idiot like barak uses for his kid!!!????

  4. mrshull1105 says:

    As soon as I read the headline Misha came to my head.
    Funny how similar they are

  5. Mia

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