What if we have a stubborn brittany spaniel?

colton s: We have a brittany spaniel.
It is the most stubborn thing, is that normal?

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Answer by TJ
Yes it is because it is just his'her personality, just like a person, as if I were to say: "i have a friend who is the most stubborn thing, is that normal?" kinda like that...she will especially be like that if she is old.

Answer by paez_3617_10
yes i have a cocker spaniel and she is very stubborn i know that brittany spaniel and cockers arent that alike but alot of spaniels are stubborn

Answer by ann s
I have a brittany spaniel and no personally mine isnt. He loves to please us and learnt everything very quickly.
But not all brittanys are alike.
Some are more easily trained then others.
Make sure you are providing him with enough mental and physical stimulation. If he is a young pup, dont over train him. Train him in 10 minute intevrals and praise him when he does soemthing right.
Good luck with your new pup.
Feel free to email me with any other questions reguarding brittanys

Answer by herd
Brittanies are funny dogs... I'd say their personality is closest to a human's personality then any other dog out there. I've grown up with Brittanies and I've had 6 of them so far. Each of them have different personalities and different traits. Some can be very stubborn and hard headed while others can be very easy to work with. They are very much like people. Every person has a different personality and can be stubborn about certain things. Your dog maybe more independent and thats why its stubborn. How old is your dog? If you got your dog as an adult then its very hard to break a Brittany of a bad habit. If your dog is still a puppy(less than a year old) then there is still hope. My Brittany I have now is 2 and he was a lot of work for the first year, but now he is a great dog. I had to fight with him to go outside when I'd go to work and fight with him to go lay down in his bed at night. Now I tell him its bedtime and he goes and lays down and goes to sleep. Brittanies are motivated by love and by "food". My dog will do anything if he knows he will get a treat. I would tell him its bedtime and walk him to his bed and say good-boy now go to bed and give him a treat. Now when I say its bedtime he runs to his bed and waits for me to bring him a treat. It takes time and a lot of patience, but its worth it in the end. Enjoy your Brittany, they are a great dog.

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