What does a brittany spaniels tail look like?

reanna s: What does a brittany spaniels tail look like, when not docked?
I have a Brittany Spaniel/Austrailian Shepard mix puppy that still has a full tail. And was just wondering what does a brittany spaniels tail actually look like when it hasnt been docked, or born with it short already? Anyone with a brittany spaniel that has a normal tail, please send pics, or links of other websites that has pictures of brittanys with tails. Thanks

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Answer by Lacie O
google pictures of Brittany Spaniels in the UK because it is illegal to dock tails there so you should be able to find a picture of one i would assume it would look like any other spaniel type dogs tail probably close to a English Setters tail

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  1. There goes the fear says

    SOME Brittanies are born with short tails, MOST aren't and must be docked when pups so that when an adult their tails are 4 inches or less in length.

    Here are some pictures of undocked Brittanies I found on the Norwegian Brittany Breed club site:

    As you'll notice each individual dog has a different looking tail and this is what you'll see in most breeds that were traditionally docked, but are no longer docked anymore. Since this breed was traditionally docked, nobody bred for a standard tail length or for much much feathering should be on the tail. Some will have longer or shorter tails than others. Some will have ratty looking tails and others will be well-feathered.

    Again, there is no set standard on what a Brittany's tail should look like so you could get a guess looking at the pictures, but it really won't help much. I've seen well-feathered English Cockers, English Springers, and Field Spaniels with ratty looking tails. I've seen lightly feathered spaniels with long flowing tails.

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