What do I do if my dog bit another dog?

: my dog bit another dog?
I was talking to a neighbour, whilst my dog was on a lead and harness, i held him in my hand whilst we talked, whilst we where talking the neighbours dog came over to my dog just to sniff, no aggresion shown by the neighbours dog. My dog then seen the neighbours dog bit the dog by the throaght. It all happened so fast but my dog would not let go, me and the neighbour whre constantly punching my dog in the head for literally 2 minutes whilst the other dog cried, i ended up booting my dog in the head, knocking him out cold on the floor. The neighbours dog had 4 punctures in the skin of his throaght, luckily my dog hadnt caught the windpipe only loose skin. The neighbours dog received injections today, Am i liable for anything.

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Also must add, that we where outside of my house, and the neighbours dog walked out the neighbours house without a lead.
but why, i mean the dog came over to mine, and my dog has never been good with other dogs, neither me nor the neighbour seen his dog coming,it was so fast!
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Answer by Perse
You should offer to cover the expenses.

ETA: Because your dog attacked another dog. Knowing your dog is vicious already, you should have taken precautions to prevent such an incident.

Answer by Beth Taylor
If the neighbour wanted to they could have your dog put down.
Also your dog would of only been protecting his house/land.
and if the dog came out the house without lead or anything it is mostly there foult.

Answer by .i Love Dogs.
Umm .. Well u see ur neighbour's dog should have not been loose ., But if knew ur dog was cross or likely to bite an other dog well then u should have muzzled ur dog!..
They could very well report ur dog But there dog should not have been loose!!
even if they do report ur dog i could not see much been done as the neighbour's do was not tied up or on a lead
unless ur dog has bite some one or dog before ..

ADD: Okay so has ur dog Bitten some one or dog before ?? if so, u are responsible because u knew ur dog was a Danger to people & other dogs .. so really you should have had ur dog muzzled

Answer by agilitygirl
Since your dog was on a leash, charges can't be made. I think the most polite thing to do would be to offer to pay an amount of the cost, since you didn't mention to the owner to keep the dog away from your dog.

Answer by ROBERT
I am pretty sure were liable for anything our dogs do. Dogs sense things we don't see. That's pretty scary hope it works out okay

Answer by C.A.
Where did the dog sniff the other dog? At his butt or his face?
Usually dogs give a warning sign - whether it be body language or a vocalization before they attack.
Dogs just don't straight attack something.
You are or can be liable for many things - your dog bit another dog, it could have killed it. You and your neighbor could have been injured also.
The neck is a sensitive, vulnerable part of a dog.
"He may expose his throat to a dog that is more dominant. Exposing the throat says: "Hey, I'm no threat. I'm trusting you with a very delicate part of my body. And I'm turning my teeth away from you." If this submissive gesture is successful, then the more dominant dog will expose his throat, too, in order to show that he is accepting the submission and poses no threat, either."
If your dog is not good around other dogs then you need to learn how to properly and safely socialize your dog to be around other dogs. If your dog is unstable around other dogs - it seems he could be - then you need to not let people and their dogs greet him or go near him until you have him properly trained and under control.

Answer by cat lover
as long as your dog was on a leash you are not responsible your neighbor was in the wrong since his dog was loose.but since you knew how your dog was the right thing to do is pay the vet bills.I know I would.

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